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I'm 43 years old and developed osteoarthritis in almost all my fingers by playing a lot of piano as a piano and singing teacher, and also I was a data entry clerk for 10 years - a great deal of typing as fast as you can all day every day. I too tape my fingers to play or to type, it helps very much, I also like to put Tiger Balm on my fingers at night and then sleep with socks on my hands so it doesn't get all over the sheets.

I went to see a naturopath who is also a homeopath and a chiropractor - this visit cost $323.00 for a thorough consultation. Advice I've received from him and from other sources:

Quit gluten, all durham wheat products - I know two people who say this eliminated all swelling and joint sensitivity in their hands so I'm giving that a shot, supposedly it takes a month to see results - will report back in three more weeks. It's not as hard as you'd think, there are a lot of gluten free products in the better grocery stores including breads, pastas, cereals, double dark chocolate muffins, cookies and such.

Osteo-biflex Energy Formula, you can find it reasonably priced at studies show that this combination of ingredients reduces pain and swelling in about a week, and takes about three months to really kick in. Over time it will help rebuild cartilage.

Sierrasil is a mineral supplement clinically proven to relieve osteoarthritis symptoms and rebuild cartilage, you can read about it on wikipedia. You can find a store that carries it near you by visiting their website.

Foods to avoid or minimize according to the naturopath: wheat and barley, alcohol, sugar, turkey (btw, it so happens that my hands flared up Dec 27, and the above is my entire month of December!)

Foods that may help: milk, eggs, oats, green veggies, strawberries + exercise and fresh air
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