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Side effect of STOPPING Fosamax
sarasaraff posted:
I took 8 weeks of fosamax and weeks 6 and 7 had too many side effects
* constipation [3-4 days at a time>
* gas
* bloating
* abdominal pain to pressure

Talked with MD and refused to refill prescription. 7-10 days after stopping I have been PLAGUED with diarrhea several times a day with the gas.

My Endocrinologist states she has never heard of side effects like this happening when STOPPING.

I am taking otc anti-diarrheal meds daily and am miserable
sarasaraff responded:
Just as an add on...

I have hyperparathyroidism with a suspected tumor. Had one of these little beauties removed in 2009. The Fosamax was suggested as a way to fool the tumor and stop the calcium being taken from the bones on directive of the affected parathyroid. I think having the surgery to remove this is a better option.
bonebabe responded:
This sounds more like side effects of calcium than Fosamax. Never heard of anybody on bisphosphonates having this. But many people taking calcium supplements do.
sarasaraff replied to bonebabe's response:
The only supplement being taken is Vit D3 1000 IU per day.

I was absolutely normal before taking Fosamax. Now I've gone from constipation to diarrhea.

...and yes, high blood calcium is a sign of hyperparathyroidism
bonebabe replied to sarasaraff's response:
If you were normal, why take the Fosamax in the first place?
Hyperparathyroidism is a huge risk factor for osteoporosis.
sarasaraff replied to bonebabe's response:
What was 'NORMAL' were my bodily FUNCTIONS. before Fosamax.

During the usage, I acquired most of the side effects listed in the disclosure, including horrid CONSTIPATION

AFTER the usage, instead of constipation....
it turned to SEVERE DIARRHEA

The drug was a suggestion of the endocrinologist to avoid ANOTHER parathyroid surgery

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