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Thinning Hip Bones
Lacij52 posted:
I would like to get some exercises or other tips etc for help with thinning bones in my hip. The pain is starting to affect the way I walk. My Dr. told me 2 1/2 yr ago, I was probably looking at a hip replacement within 5 yr. I am trying to do everything possible to keep from having this surgery. Any tips or other information will be greatly appreciated.
bonebabe responded:
Thinning bones won't cause pain until they fracture. Pain and hip replacement are usually associated with arthritis. Does your doctor recommend any course of treatment for low bone density? Do you have osteoporosis?

Walking is probably the single best and simplest exercise for your bone density, especially in the hip area. The action of muscle pulling against bone will stimulate bone growth.

You should also be taking 1200 mg of calcium and 1000 IU of Vitamin D daily.

If you've got low bone density combined with other risk factors as identified by your physician, he may recommend that you take an osteoporosis medication in addition to the calcium and Vit D.

Check out the National Osteoporosis Foundation website for good reliable information about all aspects of bone health. .
Karen Kemmis, PT, DPT, MS responded:
Thinning bones do not cause pain unless there is a fracture (broken bone). Pain in the hip is often from arthritis. This is generally the reason for painful, limping when walking and hip replacement surgery. It may be helpful to see a physical therapist for your hip pain. Often, specific stretching and strengthening exercises can help you hip function better with less pain. Strengthening exercises provide support for the hip to help gait and can help bone strength to prevent fractures. Also, strong muscles around the hip are very important for good balance and fall prevention which can decrease the risk of a hip fracture.
Lacij52 replied to Karen Kemmis, PT, DPT, MS's response:
Thanks for the help. I will be making an appt for a recheck with my Dr. and hopefully he will prescribe Physical Water Therapy. I did that two years ago and it helped.
KIndginnie responded:
You can ask your doctor about Lilly's Forteo - very expensive - it might help.
sinavi responded:
swimming is best for this problem and walking in water too
Lacij52 replied to sinavi's response:
Thank you Sinavi for your suggestion. I was in water therapy for awhile and it really did help. I'm going to try and get back into the water therapy soon. Regular walking on pavement seems to irritate my hip at times. I guess it's like Bonebabe and Karen said about having arthritis in my hip. Water therapy is so much easier on me. I sure wish I had a pool at home!!
An_223946 replied to bonebabe's response:
Hi Doc

Your advice is exactly what my cousin follows to strengthen his hop bones. He has the same problem as thinning hip bones and he cracked it about a year ago. He is however making a very good recovery.
phototaker replied to Lacij52's response:
I'm a member of a gym that has a pool. We do water aerobics, exercises and walking in the water there. Check out local health clubs for ones having pools. Some speciality hospitals also have water therapy for their patients. All you need is a doctor's note.

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