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Strontium Citrate and Vitamins D3, K1, K2, Magnesium
LindaRaleigh posted:
Began taking Strontium Citrate (1360mgs/day - glass of water and empty stomach in morning). No side affects at all. I also had purchased vitamins which contain Vitamins D3 (1000IU), K1(35 mcg), K2 (MenaQ7)45 mcg, Calcium (from algae) 770 mg, Magnesium 58mg, strontium (from Algae) 5 mg...all to be taken with food in middle of day and evening. I wondered if these all interact well and if it is a good idea to take all of these?
Tomato05 responded:
It sounds very sensible to me!

I wouldn't think they interfere with each other, apart from the strontium. I take strontium ranelate, not citrate, and the instruction leaflet says clearly not to take it at the same time as calcium (and to take it on a fairly empty stomach).

I therefore take my strontium before I go to bed, while I take my calcium supplements in the morning and/or at lunchtime.

If you are concerned about taking too many supplements, you could maybe read up on which foodstuffs are rich in Vit.K and magnesium and ensure you get enough of those through your diet to replace the tablets.

However, I think you should stick with the calcium and vit. D at least.
LindaRaleigh replied to Tomato05's response:
How do you get Strontium Renelate? I thought it was only available in Europe by prescription?
Tomato05 replied to LindaRaleigh's response:
I don't live in America.

I really hope that Strontium Ranelate will get the green light for all of you in the USA too.
LindaRaleigh replied to Tomato05's response:
Yes, I do too.... Lucky for you!!!
LindaRaleigh replied to Tomato05's response:
By the way, do you know how to ask an Expert listed here for Osteo questions???
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to LindaRaleigh's response:
Dear LindaRaleigh,

The best way is to start a new thread with the question you want to ask. Experts cannot answer specific questions, such as what your lab scores mean, as they do not have access to your health history and medical records. So if you have a very specific question, getting a second opinion from another doctor would be my advise.

A general question, that could apply to many people, is more likely to get an expert answer. Also, not every question will get answered, but the NOF Team answers as many as they are able.

Hope that helps,

jlmaxey5 responded:
Look at this site:

I think you should only be taking 600 g/day of strontium. It has to be taken at a different time than calcium-so early morning or late at night.

Make sure you take as much calcium as stronium. It works I have been taking it for 4 months and can tell a difference!
bonebabe replied to jlmaxey5's response:
The strontium that is available in the US is not the strontium that has been shown to be effective in building bone density. The lawyer's letter in this article clearly states that, and, in fact, is chiding the website for deliberately misleading the public. Strontium Ranelate is the prescription strontium and synthetics that is used as a treatment for osteoporosis. Hopefully one day it will be available here.

If you are taking strontium OTC, be sure to tell the tech doing your DXA as it will make your results seem improved when they actually might not be. The software used in DXA testing only measures the calcium in the bones, not the strontium.

BTW, I'm can you tell a difference?
An_223997 responded:
I suggest adding other vitamins slowly. Try taking 2 for a week. Then 3. then 4. This way if you start having any adverse effects, you will know which one is the culprit
Poul1986 responded:
I think it is much better to take vitamins which are naturally found on fruits and veggies. Or try good supplements which are loaded with all the nutrients you need within one pill. I have found a very interesting article and I thought of sharing it.
An_264045 replied to Tomato05's response:
Hi There - I was wondering if you had any side effects from the strontium ranelate? I have just been advised to start taking it. Also, do you know if it would be benificial to take VitK2 with it?

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