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    ladelta posted:
    I had my very first infusion and probably my last this past Tuesday. I have had all the side effects (low grade fever, sore joints, sore muscles, the just general feeling yucky stuff). But, I had one added bonus, which after doing some digging around at various drug websites, it exacerbated my COPD/asthma! I spent all day yesterday with allergy type symptoms, itchy watery eyes, runny nose, etc., and an asthma type cough. Well about 3 this morning I woke up in a full blown asthma attack. Couldn't get my breath at all. Every breath was very labored and I kept coughing and coughing. I got about half way down the stairs to get to my inhalers (which I only use on very rare occasions), I had to stop, call my husband and make him go get them because I couldn't make down the stairs because I could not breathe. I felt like I was strangling to death.

    Has anyone else had a reaction like this? I also have RA and my doc is considering putting me on a biologic (Orencia), but now I'm afraid because everything I've read about certain biologics can make COPD and/or chronic bronchitis - asthma worse.

    The thing that gets me is that no one even mentioned that there was a possibility that reclast could cause an asthma attack. All I got on my patient information papers was that it may cause "mild flu-like" symptoms, fever and to take tylenol for it. And to only call the doc if I had symptoms of hypocalcemia; kidney stones or a typical allergic reaction...hives, throat swelling, etc.


    LA Delta
    bonebabe responded:
    Oh, I hate that you had a reaction like this. It's the first I've heard of this. The patients we see who've had infusions have had nothing more annoying than a few days of the flu like symptoms. It's not fun to be special in the way that you were. Have you contacted the drug company to ask about this? Sometimes side effects are so extremely rare that they aren't mentioned. I went thru something similar when my daughter was 15 and put on Paxil. Horrible horrible adverse reaction that was never mentioned it was so uncommon, but nonetheless extremely frightening for us. I think I'd do some extensive research on COPD and go about possible reactions to meds, foods, whatever rather than seeing how a particular thing could affect COPD. I sure hope you're better now.

    ladelta responded:
    Thanks for the reply. The side effect is there, but it's buried down in the bottom and in one clinical trial only one person had the type of reaction that I had. Well now, let's make it two! I've had COPD for years (since shortly after I finished chemo for BC) and usually it doesn't bother me. I carry an inhaler just in case (I use it about once or twice a year) but boy after the reclast, the asthma/bronchitis really kicked in. I'm still having trouble breathing today but not has bad. Just everything hurts from coughing (ribs, stomach, chest, back muscles). If I"m still coughing Monday, I'm going to see my pulmonary doc.

    Thanks for the info!

    LA Delta
    leviah responded:
    I had my first infusion 3 days ago and woke up in the middle of the night with severe flu-like symptoms, including a temperature of 101.1, a severe headache, as well as muscle, and bone pain. I too have connective tissue disease and COPD and have been experiencing serious difficulties with breathing and continuous cough even with the use of two different inhalers. I also have a bad flare-up of Iritis, (an ocular inflammation) requiring the use of steroid eye-drops.

    I, too, am angry about what appears to be an irresponsible censoring of information, which can be dangerous to patients who suffer from certain chronic conditions, such as, connective tissue disease (RA is a connective tissue disease) and COPD.
    mousy71 responded:
    I also have the bone problems and I will yet my second treatment with the reclast next Thursday morning. Lora
    bob36830 responded:
    I had a reclast infusion last friday (3 days ago) with no side effects. I have asthma also and it didn't bother me. After reading the message boards i have been sitting around waiting on the side effects to start. But i havn't had any.
    Hirley responded:
    LA Delta, you are an education for me. I had the Reclast infusion on a Friday, Jan 9th and by IV in my home by an RN. She followed up with a call to my house on Monday and I stated that they forgot to tell me I should have my "Will" in Place Prior. She did indicate that I was the Third person who had a serious reaction in the valley. This was my first and will be my last. Every side effect stated as possible was 'real'. Fever, chills, every joint and muscle hurt, headaches to where I didn't dare move my head, woke to drink water and made it to the bathroom. My son would come in to make sure I was still breathing. My eyes were totally Red Bullets. I was able to make it back to work the following Tuesday but not fully stable until the following Friday. This was not Mild Flu like symptoms and according to the brochure provided prior testing had been done on 70 year old women and found successful in reversing Ostio. Well, they must have been in rest homes who could explain how difficult this was. To add to this is that it wasn't until I read La Delta to connect the dots. I started having coughing fits each and every morning after this to a point of sore stomach muscles and continued blood shot eyes too. I'm thinking it's allergies and such from weeds and trees. After two months of this not passing I see my regular P.A. and he indicated it was COPD and provides Spirva. Spirva can causes esophagus issues and digestive issues. I have a Nissen Wrap already so have a week stomach to boot. The alternative COPD med recommend was a steriod which indicated can promote Ostio. Hello World! Lets connect the Dots here. It's also a stimulant to get lungs working but my sleep is over the map now. That's another story now. I took Boniva for a year prior to this and fussed about a 'couple of days' once per month of not feeling good and can tell you now that it was a piece of cake compared to Reclast. Now I'm hooked on Spirva and it is what it is but there is a serious connection here with respitory reprocutions. Sorry Bonebabe but maybe perhaps your associates need to do some further research in this avenue. As stated in the other testimonys this wasn't something anticipate at all. There really needs to be further research on this Reclast and perhaps these statements will help for some clarity on what to REALY anticipate. Some people do very well per the statements so this is Great! How to separate the 'Well' from the 'Dreadful' is another issue. Hopefully this will help others to Question if it's right for them or not.
    Hirley responded:
    Your statements opened my eyes and appreciate you stating what occured after Reclast. How to get to where we need to be is a Mission. I do have to state that and didn't earlier and will never have Reclast ever again is that it did relieve a great deal of pain from Ostio but so did Boniva. Thank you for sharing.
    ladelta50 responded:
    Are you ready for some more about Reclast?

    I was admitted to the hospital on 3/9/09 with pneumonia of all things! Mild flu like symptoms, my rear! 103+ fever, couldn't breathe, hurt all over...felt like I had to die to feel better. The pulmonologist said it was one of the worst cases he'd seen all winter! Spent 4 days receiving heavy duty antibiotics (it was bacterial pneumonia). Then my insurer kicked me out! Lung doc said I need about 2-3 more days of IV antibiotic and even argued with the insurer. Sent me home with oral meds and he said let's "hope for the best". He fully expected me to be readmitted over the weekend! Was it the reclast...don't know. However, my RA doc was supposed to send an incident report on to the FDA.

    At the time I was given the reclast (by my Rheumy), I was on 15 mg prednisone & MTX (12 mg per week). Was it a reaction from all the meds together...who's to say.

    Will I ever have another With the reaction(?) to the reclast, it severely limits anything else I can take for either the RA or the osteo, as I have also had the Nissen (which didn't help the gerd). So all I do now is take 1000 mg calcium with D-3 & magnesium. It must be working as the RA doc tested my D level and it's good, as is my calcium. I'm due for another DEXA in the spring ('10) about the same time as I had the reclast this year!

    I like most people, wish that we are given "full disclosure" regarding any drugs that we are given.

    Another case in point...Levaquin....I'm preparing for major surgery in about 10 days to repair damage to my Achilles that the osteo doc believes is from Levaquin that was given to me in January for a sinus infection. There's even a black box that says that if you take steroids, have RA, etc., not to take it! My osteo even knew that! So now when a doc asks what I'm allergic to....I list Levaquin, Cipro, etc. To be fair, I have taken both before but never with this type of reaction.

    LA Delta
    bonebabe responded:
    I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you're having. I know that can be disheartening. I hope you're feeling better now and the pneumonia is behind you. Did your doctor say it was caused by the Reclast? I'm confused as to how Reclast could cause a bacterial infection unless it was through the injection itself and not the medication. Please find out from him and let me know.

    What kind of damage was done to your Achilles and why does the MD think the Levaquin caused it? You are certainly compromised because of the steroids you take. They have many long reaching arms to interfere with a lot of areas of your body. But, they're marvelous for inflammatory illnesses. There are just times when you have to suffer, and I do mean suffer, the side effects of medications for a greater problem to be solved. I know my mom took chemo 17 years ago and while it eliminated the cancer, she's left with a heart defect. But...she's alive and has a good life that she wouldn't have had without the chemo. Sometimes there are no easy answers or pain free cures.

    I wish you good luck with your surgery and good health.

    Ferris1948 responded:
    If you haven't called your doctor do so! I took Reclast with no symptoms unless you add having two teeth removed because of bone death (osteonecrosis). Everyone is different. You should have first gotten blood work to identify any low RBCs and high WBCs. Reclast was originally given to cancer patients, and when they noticed it improved their bone mass, they renamed it Reclast and the FDA approved it for women. I didn't say men, only women. Looks like if our bones don't fall apart, then the side effects will! Take care of your asthma, because breathing is more important than bones at this point in time. Let's hear how you are doing... Ferris
    nodeerhere responded:
    I had my second infusion last Wed, 10/14. My reaction was nothing compared to what all of you have experienced. First, my doctor suggested I take 2 tylenol 20 minutes before the infusion and then 2 more about 4 hours later. I never got the bad headache that seems so common. The first time, I had the infusion on Wed, and started a fever on Fri afternoon. Didn't feel good until Sun am. This time, I admit I had a cold brewing. On Thurs, the cold was worse and I had fever. The fever abated on Sat afternoon. So did the fever come from the Reclast or from the URI? Meanwhile aside from feeling cold/feverish, I didn't have the body aches either. I had no appetite. Some may want to blame all of this on the cold. But who knows.
    An_262445 replied to Hirley's response:
    I had my first infusion Feb. 2013. In April of that year I developed my first kidney stone. With every following kidney stone I had, along with it came a UTI. Then I had one in May, June, and August of that year. In 2014 I had one in March and July. The one I had in November got stuck and I was hospitalized. I then had to get a stent and they had to blast the stone. After the stent was removed I have had a UTI every month from 12/14 to 4/15 and had to be on antibiotics each time. Previous to my infusion, I never had any kidney or kidney stone issues. My doctor at the time said that there was no way Reclast could have caused it.... I beg to differ.

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