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Prizm2000 posted:
Male, age 63, otherwise good health..discovered osteoporosis after hip fracture 2009. Been on calcium, vitamin D and fosomax since then. Recent density test says "severe osteoporosis". I am getting the actual scores soon. My primary physician is consulting with a rheumatologist for advice in how to proceed. What other treatments are available besides the "standard" ones ? What has worked for others? Would appreciate responses! THANKS!
bonebabe responded:
By standard treatments, I'm assuming you mean RX osteo meds. When you're in the range you're in, already having had a hip fracture, there are No other treatments that have been proven to work besides the RX. Strontium Ranelate may be approved here one day and that will be wonderful, but in the meantime you have a choice of treatments that have been proven to reduce your risk of fractures. If your scores are very low, say -3.0 and lower, your doctor may recommend Forteo. That's the only med that actually grows new bone. Then you take a bisphosphanate to strengthen the new bone.

Be sure to take your calcium in two doses during the day or your body won't be able to absorb it and the med you're on won't be as effective.

It's important to fall proof your home and remove any tripping hazards. Balance is important as is strength. Tai Chi is an excellent workout for both. Look for a class in your area.

I wish you great success and I would caution you not to waste valuable time searching for an alternate treatment. Once you've lost your bone, unless you take Forteo, you won't get it back. Stick with what is known to work. The benefits for you certainly outweigh any rare side effects of the meds.
Prizm2000 replied to bonebabe's response:
Will ask about Forteo. Thanks so much for your guidance!
Any suggested exercises?
bonebabe replied to Prizm2000's response:
Avoid doing anything with a forward bending action, such as toe touches or ab crunches. That puts all the pressure on your spine. Also twisting motion. Walking is excellent, as is dancing as long as you don't "twist." Again, I mention the Tai Chi because it combines weight bearing exercise with balance. Both are important.

There's a booklet put out by the NOF called "Boning Up on Osteoporosis." It costs $6.50 and is such an excellent source of information, we use it when teaching our rehab classes. It gives "do this, not this" exercise and movement illustrations. Go to the website, , to order.
Susan Randall, RN, FNP-BC, MSN replied to Prizm2000's response:
Here are some exercise resources from NOF:

General overview about exercise and bone health:

Exercise examples for people with osteoporosis:

NOF's handbook "Boning Up on Osteoporosis" contains 22 exercise examples with step-by-step instructions. You can purchase a copy for $1 plus shipping and handling by visiting the NOF Store .

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