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megmo84 posted:
Phosphoric acid is a recognized threat to bone health. That said, does phosphoric acid have a different impact on bone than the phosphorus naturally present in dairy, meats, and other foods?
Jeri Nieves, PhD responded:
Phosphorus itself is an important bone mineral. But if you're getting too much phosphorus as compared to the amount of calcium you're getting, that could lead to bone loss. Phosphoric acid as found in soda may have a more negative impact because the soda will often replace milk as a beverage in the diet and so you will end up with excess phosphorus and less calcium. When you consume dairy you are getting both calcium and phosphorus so there will not be an imbalance between the two.
megmo84 replied to Jeri Nieves, PhD's response:
Thank you Dr. Nieves. Knowing that the calcium-phosphorus ratio is important, I take a calcium supplement whenever I drink a cola -- similar to a "phosphate binder" used for kidney patients. Is there merit to this approach?