Help please
greecelover3 posted:
I am writing this in hope to clear up my confusion. I am 25 and have low bone density, I am being treated and one of the lab tests done was a 24 hour calcium urine test. my results came back as 0.203 I am really confused. I think this is normal but if I am right in my math my results is in the thousandths if my decimal placement is correct. as you can tell I am very confused. please help.
greecelover3 responded:
also is a urine level for creatnine of .965 normal?
bonebabe responded:
I don't know about your urine test results, I'm more interested in why you had a bone density test at age 25. Unless you have some underlying medical problem, most people that age will test low because their bones have not reached their peak mass.

For bone density purposes, we don't look at the 24 hour calcium urine test. That is done to see if there's an absorption or turnover problem. Unless you're postmenopausal, you would look at the Z-scores on your DXA results. That would tell you whether you're in the normal range. Generally speaking any Z-score above a -2.0 is considered normal.