Is Prolia safe and effective for my Mom?!!!
Anon_153382 posted:
My mother is 83 yrs. old and very active but she does have a pretty severe case of osteoporosis. Her doc recently put her on Prolia. Is it safe and does it work? Also, what side effects to I need to watch out for. PLEASE HELP!!!
irenediane responded:
I wish your mother better health. My mother is in the same
condition. We read the medical guidelines published by the company that makes it. That was enough to scare us.
Lumps in the breast, constipation, and bladder infections.
The first thing the doctor said was she could be hospitalized because it PRolia may lower your immune system. So I took mymother to a nutritionist. We take Liquid D and K , magnesium, to start with and we eat all our fruits and veggies
organically grown. She takes more supplements but we made
the major changes with the D and K . She goes to a physical therapy group that helps her with her posture because she uses a cane due to her neurosurgery. Be careful and Good Luck.