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medical definition?
An_243180 posted:
the radiology nurse wrote down that i had anorexia. Is there some weird definition for thin people? I have been this size since I was little (so was my grandmother). We both eat like I have osteo just like her and AGAIN people are trying to tell me about anorexia. My husband just laughs because I eat with him every meal, every day. I eat more than he does most of the time and snack during the day. He says it could be malabsorption of some sort....
Tomato05 responded:
How much do you weigh and what is your height?

Maybe they look at your BMI, or the percentage you are below normal weight.

But I agree with you, there is a difference between underweight and anorexic.

If you eat the number of calories someone of your height (who has a normal weight) should eat, and are not anorexic, maybe take the matter up with the nurse. Otherwise the "label" would be inaccurate and unfair.
julieg32 replied to Tomato05's response:
I am 5'4, and on a good day 93-94 lbs. Normally for breakfast, I eat 2 cups of cereal, with 2 cups of milk...snack around 10 with either an apple or pastry, lunch is sandwich or soup plus chips/apples or whatever is around. Eat again around 2 or 3, usually something light like pretzels or something...and again at dinner with a protein, vegetables, rice/pasta....I just don't snack on junk....don't really like it...except once in a blue moon, a sundae. Eat lots of veggies/fruits...not a vegan,
julieg32 replied to julieg32's response:
oh and meant to mention...never drink sodas or fruit juices except oj once in a blue moon....just drink water or milk....
Tomato05 replied to julieg32's response:
Your diet looks good; you could maybe add some yogurt, nuts and more of a variety of fruit. Nuts will provide calories and healthy fats and of course protein (and even calcium) and would be a good afternoon snack, especially if you pair it with fruit.
Dried fruit is even more concentrated than fresh, so you could include some of that too.

Make sure your portions are substantial too. When you say dinner is protein, veg and rice/pasta, it could of course be that your portions are very small. And include some starchy veg like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, beetroot, etc.

You could maybe keep a food diary for a week and show that to the nurse so that she can see your food intake is not like that of a typical anorexic person.
Tomato05 replied to Tomato05's response:
Forgot to say beans (legumes) would also be a good addition if you're not eating some already. They are fairly high in carbohydrates.
julieg32 replied to Tomato05's response:
just started adding the yogurt due to the osteo the nuts but my husband can't have them...and can't control himself if they are in the house...he had polyps removed and doc told him...absolutely no nuts....beans are a great suggestion...will give it a go by adding more....

honestly, you would laugh at my food portions..husband does...he is always asking me to finish the stuff left in the bowl and I do....(sort of a Mikey eats everything complex). It irritates him a little but he laughs because of the amounts i inhale.

thanks for your candor.

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