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Vitamin D and bone health
mamadork posted:
Hi. I just turned 48 and I'm so frustrated. I've been dealing with unknown autoimmune disease that is is causing moderate to severe chronic inflamation system wide. Test after Test can not find why. My mother has osteoporosis so badly she has had surgery to reinforce her lower back. It has taken her similar journey for chronic illness that are also systemic and 30years for correct diagnosis. I can not keep vitamin D levels higher than 24.(dr told me optimal for me 30-60). When it was first tested 6 years ago it was 15 and took 6months of prescription 50k units a week to get it to 27. I took regular daily supliments and feb 2011 I tested at 5 which is a Big Fail on Bone health. I took 9months at 50k weekly to get it to 24 and then to start taking higher daily dose of Vitamin D. I took 2k daily and then it comes out I was going down again at 21. So I got on 3mo of 50k again and am due for new blood work. WHAT Do I need to TEST for to see why I can not absorb vitamin D. What speicalist and what test???During all this I broke both my lower Tibia ends missing just 2 steps..april 1st just in time for summer. Few years back in 97 broke top of my foot walking across and lawn in a 2in dip in the grass.... It just seems like everyone wants to lecture me on More D suplements more Sunshine More dark greens take MORE Vitamins Like I'm not doing enough. I'm just sick of it. No one has to tell me this crap and i have enough tests done to me in the last twelve years to tell me Whats going on. The doctors see this problems but don't know What part of my body where they originate... grrrrr , I think I've seen more specialst who shrug and point me to someone else. Its 15 Min max to look over my aches and pains, the patient chart and their watch...ugh...
booberryjuice responded:
I wish i could give you an answer- Because i feel the same way with Drs. why cant they ever seam to find things out in a timely matter? We don't live in the dark ages anymore, yet for some of us - it takes years. I have also found out that you need to tell them you want copies of your records- cuz they DON'T tell you everything! I know it first hand...My DH was diagnosed w/ diverticulitis, the report had to be sent to a urologist b/c they found a problem with his urinary tube etc. I had to take the copy's to that Dr. - well i had read the whole report- they left out the last page when we requested a copy later! they lied (or just didn't say) about how bad that his divert. was , and didn't tell him about having degenerative disk disease and scoliosis! He's a Roofer for a living and knows not much else. I was soo disappointed in the fact that they cant be honest! I also fractured my ankle a few yrs. back and couldn't walk on my foot for 6 weeks! When they called me about it they said it "may have a small fracture" ! Hello - I knew it was fractured . why ? I pray you find answers someday , but as for me - I'm my own best DR. sorry for the ranting.....
lambda5555m replied to booberryjuice's response:
My osteoporosis may be caused by my growth hormone deficiency and low T. I have to take a synthetic growth hormone every day due to my hypothyroidism, but at least I have grown some bone back. I am on medication and feel a lot better and Forteo really helped me! Good Luck!

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