An_247227 posted:
My vit D was too low for me to start taking Forteo. I am on vit D2 to bring it up. however, I am afraid of taking all these meds that causes more problems than what I have. But I do need to take something. My bone loss is at a criticial number. Please tell me the side affects taking Forteo?
I am walking 2 miles a day with 5 lbs weight in each hand. Will this help? I will start free weights, what is the best excerise to help with hips and spine?
Than u
periwinkle52 responded:
Good morning, I was diagnosed with Severe Osteoporosis, @ age 35. I started with a prescription Calcium pill, plus the Vit. D. I was on that for a while, I can't remember how long, but then onto the Forteo. You use the Forteo for 2 years, along with the Vit. D. I did not have any side effects from the Forteo! None at all. Then I was put on Atelvia, another pill for Osteoporosis, along with the Vit. D. That was about a year or so ago, and all is well. My bone loss stopped, & is slowly improving, which is better than going in the negative direction! It is a battle I will be fighting forever as I do not have any Parathyroid Glands, which produce our Calcium. So, that is my story. At least, part of it! But, if you are as critical, as I was, go for it! You do not want to go thru all the surgeries that I have, for broken hips & back! You have A-LOT to lose! periwinkle p.s. I do water exercises, with water weights, as it is low impact & not as stressful on your body....