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    Janemarie91 posted:
    It's been a long time since I have been on here, but now I need help. I am 62, and have had compression fractures. One in the T12 vertebra, and had Kyphoplasty, and the second in the T10. The Kyphoplasty is breaking down and the T10 is a new fracture. Went to an Osteoporosis Center yesterday and saw an Endocrinologist. She did allot of blood test, and now I have to do a 24 hour urine test. If the test come back ok, she will start me on the Forteo injections. Are these usually done once a week or every day? She is also sending me to a class to learn how to do the injections. Any suggestions from others who are self-injecting?
    LuckyMagic responded:
    I, too, am in process of being approved for starting Forteo. I researched the drug, discussed it with my Endo doctor and was told it is my only recourse for my severe osteoporosis. It is injected daily, for 2 years, common complaint side effect seems to be vertigo. I will follow your posts with interest and send prayers this drug may be our Life-Line:).
    Janemarie91 replied to LuckyMagic's response:
    Hi Luckymagic,
    Thank you for responding.. On Tuesday I'm starting a 24 hour urine test, and when my blood tests come back, if their normal I can start on the Forteo. .
    bonebabe replied to Janemarie91's response:
    The Forteo is a wonderful drug. Don't be afraid of it. The injections are done with a ball point pen type of needle and come predosed for a month's supply. The pen rotates to the next day's dose.

    Some people take some Tylenol or Advil prior to injecting but most say they do just fine.

    After your course of treatment (2 years) you'll go on a bisphosphonate to strengthen the new bone that the Forteo has made.

    I had an uncle, now deceased at age 92, who was bent at almost a 90 degree angle. He had kyphoplasty and Forteo and until he died, was able to walk upright with a walker. Amazing turn around for him.

    I think you're doing the right thing based on your description. Best wishes for a positive outcome for you.
    Janemarie91 replied to bonebabe's response:
    Well, my Endo DR. called today and said there were some abnormal things in the 24 hour urine test I had last week. Two of the abnormal items were, Low calcium, and Low D3. She wants me to take 1,800 mg of Calcium and 2,000 of D3. I'm not sure of what the third item was. She wants me to come see her on the 20th of this month. I was so counting on the injections because of how bad my spine is and the pressure right below my front rib. She said she would go over options with me. The other thing I just found out is that my Rheumatologist wants me to take "Methotrexate by injection once a week and I already got the vial to take in for them to show me how to do those injections. Are those going to interfere with the Osteo. treatments?
    bonebabe replied to Janemarie91's response:
    Methotrexate won't interfere with any osteo meds, but it is damaging to the bones - much more reason for you to be on a med. The low calcium and Vit D is not such a big deal. Very common. Just be sure when you take your calcium that you space it out over the day. Remember that the body only absorbs so much at a time - usually about 500 mg. I'd suggest a calcium citrate (dose is usually 2 pills) and take with meals or take the last ones of the day before bedtime. The D can be taken in full at any time. I'm a tiny bit surprised that she didn't want you to take a RX dose of Vit D, but she may be waiting to see how you respond to this oral dose.

    I'm hoping you can get on the Forteo soon.
    Janemarie91 replied to bonebabe's response:
    thanks Bonebabe,
    I see her on the 20th and will discuss this with her. Didn't think about spacing the calcium out, but will do that. I've had a lumbar double fusion and a double fusion at C 5,6, and 7 over the last two years, and the Orthopedic surgeon said at both those times that I have soft bones. Probably why the Kyphoplasty I had at T12 is now crumbling and a new compression fracture at T10.

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