Kettlebell exercises
Tomato05 posted:
I've been wondering about kettle-bell exercises - if they are suitable for people with osteoporosis.

Everyone seems to be singing their praises. I've never tried any, and if I did, I would need some training (by a trainer or someone who specializes in them) first.

I have my reservations though, about all that swinging. Has anyone here ever tried kettlebells, or what do you think about using them if you have fragile bones?
bonebabe responded:
I think it's too big a risk to take. Even with the proper body mechanics, the weight of them could cause some serious harm to bones already at risk.
Tomato05 replied to bonebabe's response:
Thanks for your opinion, Bonebabe - I think I agree, as that momentum from swinging could just put too much strain on the spine.