strongnow-why is dairy bad?
strongnow posted:
I am trying to stay away from actedol. So why is dairy bad? I am starting an strength exercise program x 3 a week and I am planning to get a weight vest. My new name is strongnow.
bonebabe responded:
Dairy isn't bad unless you have an allergy to dairy products. It can be constipating at times, though, so if you're prone to that, you might want to modify your intake. This question comes up periodically when someone reads something or hears something. Our best information is that it's fine and a good source of calcium.

Our medical director, who is a well known osteoporosis expert and on the board of the ISCD (International Society of Clinical Densitometrists) personally eats yogurt and cheese every day. When asked about these theories that dairy is bad for you, she rolls her eyes. Hope that answers your question.

BTW - if your T-score in your spine is very low (-3 or lower) or you've had a compression fracture, stay away from the weighted vest. It could cause your vertebrae to crumble.