Steroid Injections & Osteoporosis
Janemarie91 posted:
I'm having steroid injections in my S1 on April 8th. My Dr. decided to sedate me because of how much pain I'm in, and the fact that I cannot lay on my stomach for the injections. I have 2 compression fractures in my vertebrae, and a Kyphoplasty that has crumbled. Won't having this steroid shot add to the problem I currently have with soft bones?
bonebabe responded:
No. It's long term steroid use for inflammatory illnesses that is so damaging to bone.
Janemarie91 replied to bonebabe's response:
Bonebabe, I do take 15 mgs total per day of Hydrocort for Adrenal Insufficiency. Is this what you mean by long term steroid use?
bonebabe replied to Janemarie91's response:
Yes. If it's 12 weeks or longer, it's considered long term steroid use and is a risk factor for osteoporosis.