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twiggy22 posted:
I am only 22 and I got a Dexa scan in a lab for my major at college and found out that it was low and so a doctor got me another one at a hospital and my score was -2.4 for my spine and -1.6 for my hip. There is almost no data on women my age taking osteoporosis medication, but my rheumatologist wants me to take reclast. I have not had any kids yet and am not sure if this could have negative effects on any future kids I could have and how long it can stay in your system. I just am too young to take a medicine that could do more harm than good and I was wondering if there was anyone who has taken reclast that could shed some light on the medicine? My mom was on fosomax after having a few kids and was not able to get pregnant after she was on it so I am just being extra careful before I get into taking all the medicines.
mountainmom48 responded:
Do you have osteopenia or osteoporosis? To what does your rheumy attribute this? I have hypothyroidism which is a factor in my osteopenia.

I do understand your concern and am hoping bonebabe weighs in on your questions. I have a daughter with osteopenia. We learned this when she was about nine. We did not start any meds, such as fosomax or reclast because there are no protocols for this age group.

Good luck and I hope you keep this group updated. This inquiring mind wants to know!
bonebabe responded:
At age 22, it is quite possible you haven't yet reached your peak bone mass. Most people under age 25 or so test low.

If that isn't the case, your doctor should be checking for a primary reason for this. The low bone density would be secondary to it.

Just for the record too, no diagnosis is given to premenopausall women. If your bone density is truly this low, you have low bone density.

Have you had months where you went without a period? Have you had to be on prednisone for greater than 3 months due to an inflammatory illness? Do you take anti-seizure meds? These are all factors in low bone density.

At your age, there is no way I'd take an osteoporosis medicine unless your numbers are caused by another condition, which should be addressed. Was your doctor looking at Z-scores and not T-scores? Z-score is what Was the testing center an accredited site? You know, just one placement a little to the left or right can make a huge difference in your scores.

If your doctor hasn't checked your Vit D levels, ask for that immediately. Also make sure you're getting 1200 mg of calcium each day remembering that you can only absorb 600 mg at a time, so spread it out.

Also, if you're not on Birth Control Pills, that might bear looking into. You can also access the National Osteoporosis Foundation website which has info on this. .

At this point that's all I'd do.

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