Osteoporosis medication side effects
An_251804 posted:
I'm a woman, 66, in excellent health except that my t-scores fall in the osteoporosis range. I'm slightly under 5' and about 85 lbs. with small bones/no previous fractures. I took Fosamax for 7 years with no apparent benefit--t-scores worse each year--then no prescribed meds for 3 years. I started Forteo last January. During my second month on Forteo, I developed dizziness/vertigo that made it difficult to drive or even walk a straight line. These symptoms diminished somewhat when I tried dosing every other day, and they stopped completely after 2 weeks off Forteo. Subsequently, the dizziness/vertigo returned after a single dose of Forteo.

My doctor is now recommending Prolia, which also lists dizziness/vertigo as a known side effect (about 5% of users). In view of my experience with Forteo and my low weight, I'm terrified of developing side effects that will last 6 months. I've tried contacting the manufacturers of Prolia, but the only people that patients are allowed to speak with are a nurse and a pharmacist who can't answer any of my questions. ADVICE NEEDED.
revolver700 responded:
an - can you stop taking the drugs or is it possible to stop
I was saying I had nice results just using a weight vest.
but I have not taken those drugs as I was readng up on them and I think tha t I would rather have osteoporosis than some of those side effects. Go the natural way its safe
check out some of those sites like reverse osteopenia or
save our bones they offer good advice.
Be safe go natural it cant hurt you