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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms
jcinaz posted:
I've had burning and sharp stabbing pain in my lower left back. Mostly when I go to bed. Sometimes it wakes me up and is so bad I cry out. I've started getting shocking pain in my left ovary when I walk once in a while. I have all the other symptoms like urinating every hour or less, feeling full, abdominal swelling. I would like to know from anyone that has had ovarian cancer if that lower back pain was a symptom.
An_223907 responded:
My Mom had symptoms of feeling full, abdominal pain, lower back pain, problems urinating and having bowel movements. Her symptoms started 7 years ago with abnormal and heavy bleeding, abdominal pain, problems eating and feeling full, abdominal swelling, back pain. Her doctor miss diagnosed her then with endometriosis because he focused on the bleeding and menstral problems. They did a hysterectomy but left her ovaries. The doctor found cysts around the area, but did not suspect anything wrong with her ovaries and said they looked good so he left them. She felt better for a few months, then her symptoms became more severe. She waited to go back to a doctor for 3 years and was then hospitalized because the pain became unbearable and she was then diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. My Mom has been fighting the cancer that had spread to her liver and won round one which was hard because she is alergic to steroids. She was alright for a year and a half. Now her cancer has spread to her brain, below her pancreas and her colon. The prognosis is not good. After brain surgery, chemo and radiation she has lost a lot of weight, isn't eatting well (if at all) and has to constantly be rehydrated... I am only 32 and have been having problems with heavy bleeding, horrible cramps, back pain before and during menstral bleeding, bleeding that lasts for 9-16 days, pain after excercise. My doctor has done an internal ultrasound and found nothing but fibroid tumors or cysts and with my Mom's hystory and her Mother's hystory of breast cancer, colon cancer and dying from lymphoma...she isn't willing to do anything further because she said the tumors and cysts are normal. I am getting a second opinion, I would rather be safe than sorry. Ovarian cancer is one of the cancers most missed by doctors because it has the same symptoms as many other problems. Please don't wait. I don't want to scare you, I just don't want you to find out too late!! Get checked now because you have all the symptoms my Mom had. I know it is scarely to think about, but be safe and get checked early! Hopefully, it is nothing serious, or if you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I pray it is found early enough so you may be cured! Good luck!!
slp88 replied to An_223907's response:
I am so sorry to hear about your mother, and after doing some research I too am concerned that my mother was mother (53) had cysts on her ovaries and the doctor said he suspected nothing wrong with them and that they would inevitably burst and absorb back into her body. She was fine for a few months after but about a month ago she started her period and it hasn't stopped. Her symptoms are: Abdominal pain and bloating, heavy bleeding, lower back pain, leg pain, frequent urination, irregular bowel movements,feeling full,lack of appetite and nausea. How can they test her to find out if shes positive for ovarian cancer? would it be the CA125 blood test? Again, I am so sorry to hear about your mother and my heart goes out to you both..
loretogal responded:
I am not sure whether mine is cancerous or not, will not know until after surgery. But I will say that severe back pain has been an issue for a while. I blamed it on my spinal issues, but am beginning to think it may be related to the ovarian mass.

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