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Possible Ovarian Cancer???
An_223908 posted:
I have a couple of questions concerning my 76 year old aunt and has had 3 tumors inside her stomach area for almost one year now and nothing has been done by 3 different doctors in 3 different towns to remove them or give her chemotherapy or some kind of treatment on them??? But before they found these 3 tumors, 18 years ago or maybe 15 years, she had her first large tumor in her stomach - they removed it in her hometown and found it to be benign - then 3 years ago another large tumor in her stomach again and again they removed it and said it was benign but that possibly they did see some cancerous cells there but no worry, no treatments needed. NOW in 2010 (june to be exact) she went to her regular family dr in town and he noticed that she had some issues and did some tests and found 3 tumors in her stomach area. He sends her to Des Moines doctor and they did more tests up there and said "oh it looks like malignant tumors" THEN they referred her on to another specialist in Iowa City where with 3 initial visits up there - 1st they tell her "yes you have 3 distinquished tumors in your stomach area and looks like one pressing on your artery that goes to your left leg because her leg started swelling. THEN they did a test for blood clots in her leg - nope none found - then they say they will refer to specialists in Iowa City and make another appnt to come back to discuss the plan for her. OK so 2nd appnt go up and a different dr. comes in and says it will be a 12-15 hour surgery to remove ALL 3 tumors because they werent sure of any of them growing into other organs, would have to do more tests of course. OK they scheduled 3rd appnt to discuss date for surgery, etc....but this time a Professor at the UNIV. IA hospitals came in and said "oh we decided to not do surgery but to give her hormone tabs to shrink tumors" - NO MENTION of surgery this time!
so she takes this hormone tab and then it caused her to develop a blood clot in her lung - her hometown hospital and Dr took her off of the hormone tab....She goes back to iowa city for ck up and her leg swelling and about the situation that happened in town with a blood clot and all they did was subscribe some type of cancer pill to take.
They DO NOTHING for her at all - almost like they are scared to cut her open and remove those 3 tumors for fear of what they will find when they get in there???? NOW her leg is getting worse and worse with swelling due to tummor sitting on the artery or nerve or whatever,
she is miserable and to top it off NOW she has lost some 25 lbs and
looks TERRIBLE. WHY won't anyone remove these tumors and if NOW they want to say the are benign ovarian cancer tumors, then WHY not take them out like they did 18 years ago and 3 years ago AND WHY won't they do something to help her swollen leg and ankle???? I just don't get it at all what is all going on with her and all these doctors who give her the run around. WHAT should she do and how can she be helped or do you think she honestly has MALIGNANT OVARIAN CANCER tumors????? I am not getting satisfied with anyone's answers on this problem??? THANKS!
2010july responded:
It is so hard to have a loved one suffer. Surgery may have been ruled out as an option because of her age and the risk of a long surgery. That is what we ran into with my Mother. Those are hard words to hear. If you really want expertise go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Unfortunately, we do not get the experience here in Iowa that they have at Mayo. They do alot more progressive treatments there and more with radiation oncology than anyone in Iowa.

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