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Could it be cancer?
ShayPey posted:
After having mild to moderate and then severe pain in my right side, I went into the doctor. He did a pelvic exam and ordered a transvaginal ultrasound.

The results:
Mass in the mid line extending to right - 10.8x11.9x19.3 cm.

He sent me to an OBGYN.

The OBGYN said they would do surgery, probably removing the right ovary where it stems from as best they can tell but wanted to run a CA125 test first.

The results: Levels at 71.

He immediately referred me to an OBGYN Oncologist they say to make sure that it is not cancer and they can operate. The Oncologist said 6-8 weeks to get me in for clearance but after my OBGYN faxed the test results, they can get me in the 12th (it is the 2nd) and suggest I rest and take it easy until my appointment. Now, I feel scared. I thought this was a precautionary appointment but when she confirmed my test results with me she said Wow twice and let's see what we can do to get you in next week.

My question is - how likely is it that this is in fact Ovarian Cancer? I am only 29 but have no children and have never taken birth control. I know blood is flowing through the mass and there is no pelvic fluid found in the ultrasound.

In the test notes it reads: differential diagnosis includes ovarian tumor versus endemetrioma. But my OBGYN thought it was probably just a large cyst or series of cysts.

Both the OBGYN and the Oncologist are some of the best around here since I have the good fortune of living near Chicago. I know I need to ask the doctor these questions, but it is a long time to wait and I was hoping for some honest feedback and experiences.

Thank You.
sewinglady52 responded:
I just read your post from 2 months ago. How are you. Is every thing OK?
I was having the same type things you were, but really didn't know it, I thought the bloating was just me getting fat, the urinarry frequenacy was old age HAHA I'm only 52. So finally I went for a pap 6/8/11 and have a 15.5 x 15.9 x 9.6 cm cyst on my right overy, my CA125 level is 86.9. I see the gyn oncologist 6/20
I pray you are ok
ShayPey replied to sewinglady52's response:
I am actually okay. Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since my surgery.

After seeing the Oncologist, he felt the odds were in my favor but definitely could not be sure. They actually could not confirm a diagnosis until they cut me open.

32 staples in a vertical incision that is about 9 inches on the outside (and many more on the inside) plus 4 days in the hospital.... I am cancer free. It was a large endometrial tumor and is gone along with my right ovary and tubing. They were actually able to save my left ovary and uterus (which means no hormone therapy for me).

I have a very severe case of endometriosis which they have prescribed something to help with and I will have to be very closely monitored since the odds of the tumor regrowing on my left ovary are around 1 in 4.

BUT - all in all, event with my 71 test result - I am a cancer free (and now tumor free) HAPPY camper. :)

Also, I should mention, my surgery was only delayed due to insurance issues (which was active as of 6/1/2011)... so I doubt you will have to suffer too long!
someonewhocares3 replied to ShayPey's response:
Glad to hear there was no cancer and they only had to remove the one ovary and tube.

What did you find out from your oncologist appt? Normally, I thought they did a CT scan to more closely visualize the cyst for solid matter and septations to give a better indication of whether or not it may be cancer. But if it needs to be removed anyway due to the size then maybe they deem it unnecessary to do a CT scan. I hope it's benign and they only remove the cyst or ovary.

I had a 9 cm benign ovarian cyst that was somewhat suspicious looking on CT scan. If it was benign, my gyn was supposed to only remove the ovary but he removed both ovaries and my uterus after he got the results (benign) from the frozen section.

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