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ovarian tumors in abdominal cavity
marlou10 posted:
my mother is 81 years old and has been diagnosed with late stages of ovarian cancer that has spread thru her abdomin and very close to lungs. She has been on several different chemo drugs since december of 2009, some had noticeable side effects and some had none. At first she lost her hair while on taxol, but with the others her hair has returned. She says she is not in any pain. The only discomfort comes as the tumors in her abdomin break the and the fluid fills her stomach. every two to three weeks the fluid is drained and she has some relief for a little while. The chemo is IV. She goes every to to three weeks for a treatment, (6 hours or so) depending on blood work, she is really tired for the next day or so, but then seems to be comfortable for awhile. I have read about something called intraperitneal chemo where the drug coats the tumors, my moms doctor has not responded to questions about this. Any thoughts?
gigi1222 responded:
this message touched my heart as I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in april 2010 and it has been a tough battle for me and all of my family.I am 70 and when cancer was discovered my ca125 count was 4000 but after round of taxol chemo which nearly killed me my count dropped to 1500 .I have had about 11 rounds of different chemo's I think we have tried nearly every kind but nothing helped as much as the taxol but because of severe numbness in hands and feet we can not use that form anymore.I had complete hysterectomy in August 2010 but there was still small amount of cancer on bladder that could not be removed so more chemo .we got ca125 down to 50 at one point but it has risen back to 785 so we are back to another round of chemo and prognosis is not good from human standpoint .I am a born again Christian and am just depending on the Great Physician to heal me if He chooses and I know he will but He may have to take me Home to do that.My grandaughter is expecting her first baby in November and I am praying God will choose to leave me here to hold that little one as she wants that very much but whatever He chooses I am at peace with.I am trying using radio waves at this time to lower ca125 so we will see if that accomplishes anything.I will pray for your mother and would appreciate youe prayers for me as well.Thanks and keep me posted Glenda
marlou10 replied to gigi1222's response:

Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it and I shared it with my mom. She was on Taxol as well and had same problems as you, almost immediatlely. It sounds like your a fighter and I think you will be there to see your greeat grand daughter born and her first christmas. My mothers treatment has been basically a pain and comfort issue. As with pain management, setting small attainable goals makes the journey a little easier to manage. Over the past 2 years my mom has had small goals and expectations. The first was the high school graduation of my twin daughters, who her first grand children, then it was to see one more christmas, then the twins birthday, then the start of college. All within months of each other. I think god works in strange ways sometimes, we had the family to our house for mine and my brothers birthdays in early June . It was a good day, although mom tired very quickly and didn't stay long. she wanted to come to our house since we were always going to hers. The couple weeks after that visit she started going downhill, blood counts very low, body temp very low, and sounding really run down. Several b12 shots and lots of prayers. Heres the strange ways part.. my daughters and one of their friends were training to race in a triathalon later in the month on June 20th, another short term goal for my mom to watch some of the race. on the morning of 6/20 one of my daughetrs and her friend were on a training bicyle ride about 1 mile from home and they were hit by a car when the driver apparently not paying attention, reason is still unknown,drove off the road and hit both. Striking my daugherter first, she hit his windsheild leading with her elbow and then hit the side mirror with her hip, some how her legs were missed. Her friend was not as lucky. The driver continued off the road and hit her head on. Both had on helmets and there were no head injuries. my daughter is healing well with no broken bones. her friend is still in hospital with a broken femur and four pelvic breaks and is improving everyday. She may get out of hospital this week. Both girls are very lucky. The driver initially did not stop... He drove 100 yards down the road then came back and left again, but I think some of the people living near by saw him and he eventually pulled over, but did not call for help.. Initially we weren't sure whether to tell my mom or not. We decided after a day or so to let her know what happened so she would n't see on tv or in the papers. I guess the first amendment trumps any hope of privacy. The strange part is when we called to tell her she seemed weaker then the day before. But after we told her, she imediatley picked up. It was like another challenge was presented to her and she had a new reason to fight. She needed to see my daughter recover.. We spent part iof the 4th of july weekend with my parents and it was one of her best weekends in a while. This week is just a blood test week and my mom's tummy is staying pretty small. The following week will be another chemo as we continue to fight.
Glenda, you and your family are in my prayers and I will keep you posted.

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