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We will be discontinuing this community as of April 1, 2014. We value and appreciate your participation in this community and hope that you will continue to post your questions in the WebMD Cancer Community.

Does this sound like you?
kerri_keene posted:
I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow...but I just wanted to throw my story out here to see if anyone has had any similar experiences. I have not been diagnosed with cancer.

For the last five or six years (I am pregnancies or babies), my periods have gotten worse. It is to the point now that I take at least 1 to 2 days off per month from work because the bleeding is so heavy that it 1. leaks through my pad and onto my underwear and clothing during my 30 minute drive into work (I am changing my pad at least every hour) and 2. beause the heavy bleeding makes me feel like a zombie. More recently, I have been having really bad pelvic pain...aside from the normal and severly painful menstrual cramps that accompany the heavy flow. The pelvic pain started only around the time I would have PMS, but now, within the last couple months it is here constantly. I have trouble sitting for long periods of time, walking hurts a lot and my lower back is always sore. I am I have chocked up any symptoms to just being fat and telling myself that it will go away when I have my lapband surgery and lose weight...but I know plenty of fat ladies that don't feel like this. last period ended 2 weeks ago. I was spotting yesterday and had some mild cramping. This does tend to happen from time to time. But, what is really concerning me is that normally I bounce back from my horrid periods a day or two after it finishes, but this time, I can't bounce back. I am utterly exhausted, to the point that I have to fight to keep my eyes open on my way to and from work. I have been going to bed earlier, drinking coffee during the day to stay awake. I would try exercising, but like I said, my hips and back (pelvis) are killing me. It's really irritating. I do have IBS, so I am constipated and have loose bowels all the time. I feel like these issues are separate from that.

Oh, and two more things...under my right arm I keep getting recurring cysts that are extremely painful. They will "pop", but they keep coming back. I have switched from antipersperant to all natural deodorant and that SEEMED to help, but it hasn't as another one is growing again. AND, I can't seem to get rid of my foul vaginal odor...I's gross, but it's true. It seems to get particularly bad right before my period and then goes away after...this time, it hasn't gone away.

Thanks for reading and any advice...I have seen my doctor, but I am just beginning testing.
kerri_keene responded:
I had my ultrasound and I have multiple follicles/cysts on both my left and right ovary with a dominant complex cyst on my right that measures 1.8cm. I suppose now the fun begins.

Is there anyone even on these boards????
someonewhocares3 replied to kerri_keene's response:
What did you find out? You can read my other recent posts about ovarian cysts, CA-125, and ovarian cancer. Or just check out these links -
Ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer

Hope all is okay!! Let us know.

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