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Nomojo21 posted:
6 months ago I started having pain in my lower abdominal area, the pain goes from the region of my right ovarie up towards my liver and travels to my lower right side of my back, so pretty much it travels my right hit bone and goes down the inner part of my right thigh. Anyways I've had countless tests, ultrasounds, ct scans etc and no doctor has found anything! Early this month I started having abnormal discharge, smelly vagina, spotting blood, and a missed period. So I go see my primary care provider and she says I had bacterial vaginitis, which I did cause the smelly vagina went away lol So a week and half later the spotting comes back, I go see an ob, got a pap smear, a pregnancy test and the depo provera shot in case it's endometriosis.....however the ob told me nothing about the side effects of the depo shot except that it increases breast cancer risks, it stopping a period, and if I have endometriosis the shot should help......HE DIDNT TELL ME OR LOOK INTO WHY I WAS SPOTTING AGAIN AND HADN'T STARTED MY PERIOD YET!

So its been about a week since I had the depo shot and other than the spotting nothing has changed, I've recently started having a pressure feeling in my pelvic area, and I've gotten discharge again, pain/ pressure in lower back, pressure on upper thigh region, not sure if it's normal or abnormal, and I've been extremely fatigued.....I'm so scared......I'm so scared I have cancer and they don't know *crying*. This pain has effected my life as a mother and wife....I need answers and I'm not getting them. My pcp thinks it's time I get a laprascopy but she says that's something inhale to talk with my ob about cause they are the ones that do it.

I go in next tuesday for another transvaginal ultrasound, and May 4th is the earliest that the ob can get me in for an appointment......I just don't know what to do or think at this point, I now have it in my head that I'm going to die, I'm going to die of cancer that they haven't detected.....I'm so horrified.

Please I need some guidance I need answers not another run around.
someonewhocares3 responded:
Did you see my response to your question about ovarian cysts here? -

Have you had any abdominal surgeries/procedures? They can cause adhesions and other problems which is why I'm asking.

With all the tests you've already had, it seems that they would have found any cancer. Hoping the transvaginal ultrasound gives you some explanation for your symptoms. You may want to ask for a copy of the u/s report.

Post back and let us know what you find out.
Nomojo21 replied to someonewhocares3's response:
So this morning I had my 2nd ultrasound within about 5 months, today the ultrasound tech saw the same cyst that was on the same ovarie 5 months ago. I've been experiancing

Vaginal spotting before depo shot (had dep shot in case of endometriosis)

Missed period

Lower right abdominal pain still hasn't gone away in over 6 months

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Pain from lower abdominal goes down inner thigh, up my abdomen, into lower back

Pressure in my uterine areas, feels like I'm on period minus the blood. I feel the pressure on my upper thighs too

Since the cyst hasn't gone away in 5 months What could it be? My next appointment isn't until next Friday, I'm worried and I'm horrified. Please y'all especially the professionals please give me advice?
Nomojo21 replied to Nomojo21's response:
I got a call today regarding the results of my second transvaginal ultrasound. They said that the cyst they found months ago is still on my right ovarie, and that another cyst has appeared too. The lady said the ob thinks the second cyst is due to ovulation, but what I can't seem to understand is since I got on the depo shot I shouldn't be releasing an egg since I have no periods right? And why in the heck aren't they going to clip them out especially since that first one has been there for months, and I've been having crazy symptoms such as: Report To OB

Vaginal spotting before depo shot dr. Baldwin didn't even look into why I was spotting

Missed period

Lower right abdominal pain still hasn't gone away in over 6 months

Primary care provider thinks it's time for a laproscopy

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Pain from lower abdominal goes down inner thigh, up my abdomen, into lower back

Pressure pelvic area and on upper thighs

Can someone please help me out here?!?!
tramiv responded:
I'm having some similar issues. I'm just wondering what you found out and if you ended up having any procedures done. Hope all is well. Thanks!
supawomang replied to tramiv's response:
I'm having similar issues as well. Please post!!

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