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ovarian cancer
bhyde posted:
hello, I am 23 years old and have been having problems since I gave birth to my son in 2008. they have ran testing and due to not being able to get exact results have just labeled me irritable bowel on edge of chrones.. but medication does not even phase the pain. I have stomach pains every day, bloat all diffrent hours of day i sometimes look as though i am 6 months pregnant. I also suffer with very frequent UTI'S. I feel dizzy on a daily basis, as well as suffer from pain all over my body,expecially in my lower back and constant presssure in my pelvic area. i have a constant amount of vaginal discharge and periods were normal for years, until 3 months ago they get lighter and shorter each month, and bleeding in between periods have become more frequent. all STD'S have been ruled out. another thing thtat fears me is i have had extreme fatigue over past year as well as i lost 65 pounds in a 3 month period a year and a half ago. now doctor believes i may have cancer due to recent abnormal pap smear, what is everyones thought on what this could be?
Anon_6061 responded:
You poor girl - that sounds dreadful especially with a baby to take care of! IBS is a common "diagnosis" when they don't know the real cause of pelvic symptoms. Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? Did you have any other procedure at the time of birth (e.g., tubal ligation)?

If it truly all started shortly after giving birth, it would seem that it wouldn't be IBS or some other digestive type condition. With all the UTI's, you obviously have an infection and maybe it's more widespread in your pelvis. One possibility is PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) but most PID is caused by STD's; however, there are other causes for it. Google it.

It's not unusual to have an abnormal pap smear for conditions other than pre-cancer. Harmless and common conditions (e.g. inflammation) can cause an abnormal pap so any abnormal pap should be repeated at least twice before undergoing any treatment. It's very possible that the infection is the cause of the abnormal pap so until your other symptoms resolve, it's very possible that your pap will be abnormal. Here's a link with info on paps -

Also, pap smears are done to detect cervical cancer not ovarian cancer. Just thought I'd mention that since the title of your post is "ovarian cancer."

I don't think there's a WebMD expert here on the Ovarian Cancer Community so I suggest you copy and paste your post over on the WebMD Women's Health Community for Nurse Jane to reply. You may want to include "Jane" in your title so she readily sees it.

Hope you get some answers and relief soon!
bhyde replied to Anon_6061's response:
thank you for replying.. and yes i did have a vaginal birth, last August i got extremley sick.. i was having blood come out instead of urine and all my organs.. (lungs, Kidneys, Heart) where having problems) in beginning they thought blood clot.. then it went to alot of other problems i was in hospital on oxygen, and iv for a week , and there was never a foiund cause as to what actuallly happened.. so i dont know whats up with me, i just klnow i want a normal 23 year old life, and quit also feeling sick
Anon_6061 replied to bhyde's response:
OMG how awful! I hope they figure out what's wrong.

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