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CA 125 test
sunflower1943 posted:
Hi - just wondering about this test and how accurate it is for ovarian cancer - never had one but do get Pap and pelvic every year - had mastectomy in 2002 and doing ok - caught early - anyway was wondering what do your doctors tell you about this test -

Is it a must for every woman every year??? thank you
silvergirl38975 responded:
While they are working on another test to detect ovarian cancer from what I know the CA-125 is still the only one they use to check those numbers. And it is not 100% reliable. It seems they only use it when they suspect ovca. The vaginal ultra sound test and of course a very thorough pap and rectal exam is important . Hopefully they will have a better test for this ovca soon. I am a going on 14 year survivor of ovarian cancer and a stg. 4. No recurrence to date. Such a journey. Be well and take care of you. Jan
Lotusblu responded:
Hi - what does the index level indicate when you get tested for CA125? my readings were: 2007=36 .. 2008=50.5.. 2009=75. I get very bad cramps during the first two days of my menstration. I am 46 years old. When is it a "danger" level? I was diagnosed to have adenomyoma of the uterus thank you
silvergirl38975 responded:
Not sure about answering your question there. There can be other reasons for a climbing number in a CA-125 test. And then again when this happens your doctor usually will have other tests ordered for you I believe. You need the trans-vaginal ultra sound for sure.And make sure you are seeing a good gyn. Good luck and be well, Jan
Rubiks3 responded:
Hi, I was so glad to see someone that is an ovarian cancer survivor -- I was diagnosed in June with stage 3 and will be getting my last round of chemo next week -- When I was first diagnosed and looked on the internet it seems everything I found was about the poor chances for survival, so quite frankly I just stopped looking, so when I see someone that's still around after 14 years it makes me feel truly hopeful. So far everything seems to be going well and I've tolerated the chemo real well (just lost my hair and get tired a lot). Anyway I just wanted to say that you really made my day!
silvergirl38975 responded:
Good going my friend. Do not believe everything you read. There are more of us out here and stg. 4's as well. I am pleased to have helped you a bit cause this is my goal for all my sisters with ovca. I had mostly taxol chemo. And you? Tough on the body but it seems to have done its job for me. My hair went after the third treatment I think. Comes back soon as you quit chemo. I understand the tiredness. Be well and take care of you. Feel free to e-mail me if you want. Or post here.
kjstrouble responded:
I am not sure how accurate it is for predicting, but as we found out today, it can be very accurate when a tumor has been found. We found out that my sister has ovarian cancer, part of the diagnosis was a ca 125 of 165. Yes, that is high.
iflydelta responded:

Am new to this site and have read your post. 14 yr survivor, you go girl! I am having testing done as we speak and hope that all turns out well. It goes to show that those battling this disease there is hope! To all of you out there doing so, stay positive and God bless!
silvergirl38975 responded:
Good test results kiddo. Lotsa hope for sure. Women in teal are women of steel. Yeah! Be well and take care of you .....Jan
buder10 replied to silvergirl38975's response:
I love that saying !.. I'm new to this and have a question if anyone can help. In oct. my dr. found a cyst 3cm and by the end of Nov. it went away. In Feb.they found another cyst this time it was 5cm and it had 6 black looking things inside of it on the ultrasound. My dr. had me do a ca-125 test . That came back ok. I went in 4 weeks later to get it looked at again. it went down 1cm so know it is 4cm . I go back in 2 months. My question is should they be doing something else. Last year March 19th I found out I had cervical cancer. I have had a total hysterectomy for that . They left my ovariars so I would not go into menapause. I'm scared and don't know what to do . My dr. said that what we seen was blood . That ov is bleeding into the cyst. ?
caramelbeauty replied to Lotusblu's response:
I am wondering what the response was to your concern. I am especially interested in your adenomyosis diagnosis. I myself was told that I had adenomyosis about 4 1/2 - 5yrs ago. I had a child within the year following my diagnosis and was told that pregnancy would alleviate it and sometimes "reverse" it (so to say). My son just turned 4 and I am 30yrs old presently. I have not had any complications with it since my pregnancy and delivery. Let me know what you find out. Thanks and take care!
jocma replied to buder10's response:
I have been suffering from this since age 16, but bilaterally with multiple cysts (PCO) Same Dg as you with cervicla and uterine ca. Outcome hysterectomy in my late 30s. they left my ovaries in. Still suffering with PCO but not as bad prior to the hysterectomy. Sonograms are a good diagnostic tool but an mri is much better. Talk to your dr about your concerns and peace of mind. Ca125 should be retested in a few months to see if the level is going up. Not all ovarian cancers will show an increased level. It is not irregular for a cyst to have trapped blood in it. Cysts rupture and sometimes blood can occur or a chocolate or hemmorhagic cyst. Usually Drs will remove a cyst when it ranges from 5 to 6 cm or larger. They can do a "wedge" on your ovary and test it to see if there are cancer cells. I have had ths done and it came back normal 8 yrs ago. Now I am making septated cysts which look malignant. Doesnt mean this will happen to you. But you should always be on the look out for the symptoms and get yrly checkups with a sonogram and CA125. As I said Mri is best, but a petscan is better but most insurances will not authorize it unless you have a high ca125 level or been diagnosed with cancer. Until the medical community finds an accurate test for Ovarian Cancer, we have to be our own drs and be educated on symptoms, treatments.... Good luck
chemocurls responded:
I was diagnosed with OC 10/08. After surgery, I underwent 6 chemo treatments and am in remission. My CA125 is trending upward slowly from 6.7 to 13.6 now. My oncologist will start checking if it gets to 21. I refuse to worry about recurrence! I am alive! I walked a 5K in November. There is life after cancer, and it is good. I think a CA125 test every year would result in too many false positives. I am tested every 3 months simply because I am a survivor. Always vigilant. Not a victim.
ladydespres responded:
what is CA 125 TEST?
Sounderspa replied to chemocurls's response:
Hi Chemocurls. I'm a male friend of a second-time ovca patient who is in the third treatment of her second bout with chemo. Any special things I can do to help that would be most helpful?

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