Narco Pain Pills 10/325
kota334 posted:
i have been taking "narco 10/325" for pain. i take one per day earlly in the morning.. after about 60 days of this i had begun getting shakey and feeling sick to my stomach about noon and at night i would sweat in bed.. i quit taking them 2 days ago and the sweating at night seemed to stop but i am still shakey and sick to my stomach.... will this dose once a day for that period of time do that to a person... thanks for any help
_swank_ responded:
It's called Norco and what you're taking is a very low dosage. Hydrocodone, which is the generic for Norco, is not the strongest narcotic around. I doubt it would cause those problems after 60 days. I've taken way more than that for five years.
annette030 responded:
I doubt the Norco has anything to do with any of your symptoms. Take care, Annette