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return to work after cervical fusio
lrd12000 posted:
Hello, can anyone tell me how soon you can go back to work after a 2 level cervical fusion. I work in foodservice as a prepcook and dietaide and don;t know if I will be able to do this work again after this type of surgery.
_swank_ responded:
The best person to ask is your doctor. I don't see any reason why you can't return, that's the whole point of the surgery after all. My surgeon had a fusion in his cervical spine and he still does surgery.
JessicaH777 responded:
I would ask your dr how long you will be out of work. I had a cervical fusion done 1 1/2 years ago. I had to wear the hard neck brace for 12 weeks so I wasn't able to drive or move my neck at all. I was able to go back to light duty work the third week after surgery. But I am sure each persons recovery is different. hope your recovery goes well.
lrd12000 responded:
I know if you wrk behing a desk you can go back sooner, but my job is on my feet for 8 hours with lifting and carrying, bending and what not,. I am doing neck excercises but it is going slow. I even lost my job because i have been out longer than my sick leave allowed so now i got to start over again and hope someone will hire me, I am 51 and have been doing this type of work for 20+ years. Plus the fact I am also deaf which makes it that much harder to change jobs. Any suggestions. Don't want to have to depend on my husband to support me.
cweinbl responded:
"lrd12000." please visit your state vocational rehabilitation office. They exist to help people with disabilities regain employment. They will assess you through work evaluation and then find employment suitable to your restrictions. I was a vocational rehabilitation counselor for 7 years. I helped people like you. Believe me, this process works well. They can also retrain you for new jobs. Contact your state bureau of vocational rehabilitation. Good luck.
lrd12000 responded:
Thanks Charles. I will look into that. It will probably be better for me in the long run becuase i deal with some discrimination at my present job. They don;t even have a tty for me to use. The administrator said they don;t have to have them. I told her yes they do. it is the law. I got to get away from this type of atmosphere, tired of working with poeple like this. Not the first time for me.

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