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Urine test on 1st Visit ??
dillray1 posted:
Hello all. I finally got an appt. with a PM doctor on monday,10-05-09 for chronic pain mgt. I checked his overall rating and it was only a 2.5 out of 5. My question is do PM doctors urine test on your 1st Visit? It states on his profile that they count your pills and urine test you,which is fine. I have a problem urinating on demand,and i wonder if i should hold it in the night before. I only go a couple of times a day. Since this is my first visit,i have no meds to count,but i'm wondering if they will pee test me on the 1st visit. Have any of you had to do this the first visit??? Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
teresakitty2 responded:
Hi dillray1, Every physician is different and it is up to his discretion whether to test your urine on the first visit or not. One PM physician I went to never tested me, although they said that was their policy, and the other one tested me only once but not on the first visit. Have never had a pill count. You sound like you are getting all worked up about it which will make it only more difficult to go when the time comes. If you can hold it all the way through the night and until your appointment, there is nothing wrong with that except not many people's bladder can accommodate that much volume. Wouldn't do that on a regular basis because holding urine can cause infections in those prone to them. It also might help if you can explain your situation to the nurse so they can be sensitive to your needs and not rush you. Explain you need privacy and a little more time. Running water and just relaxing a bit helps some people start their stream. You might consider drinking more water that day than usual in order to be fully hydrated. You can take a cup of water with you and keep drinking until you feel full. They also might ask you to come back when you feel you can give them a specimen. Try not to worry, they will work with you. It will be OK. Teresa
annette030 responded:
Ditto what Teresa said. All doctors have their own way of doing things. I would be prepared to give a specimen every time you go see him. Drink some extra fluids, but don't go overboard with that. If your urine is too diluted they may think you are trying to beat the test. The reason for the test is twofold, to make sure you are taking what is given to you rather than selling it, and to make sure you are NOT taking anything not prescribed to you. Take care and good luck with the new doc. Annette
memyselfandi19 responded:
HI. Just wondering- id u have a choice y go to a PM dr with such a poor rating without investigating? I have seen some pretty bad PM dr.'s and you want to make sure you get good treatment. There are some dr.'s who do it on every visit and some who do it on random visits. I have had to before on a first visit. THere is no way to know before. Just relax and drink a lot of water or Soda in the morning and you should be able to give enough for them.

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