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mae527 posted:
Hi, I'm an 18 year old college student that has dealt with chronic pain for over three years. I was severely injured in a halftime stunt accident in high school, but walked away with no visible damage. The band decided it would be cool to throw the tiny cheerleader and have inexperienced, non-certified kids try and catch her. Here's a link to the video:

I survived thanks to hypermobility. I'm so thankful that it saved my life, but I've now developed bursitis, tendinitis, and SI dysfunction all thanks to the increased flexibility. That is just the beginning of symptoms following this accident. I had surgery to repair a torn labrum in my right shoulder, have had 6 cervical nerves cauterized through RFN that must be done again, and may be done on lumbar nerves as well, and have severe headaches and spend every day in constant suffering. Joint stiffness makes it no easier. The back and neck pain is excruciating, as is the pelvic pain. We've ruled out any autoimmune disorder, and I guess I'm just looking for anyone with a similar problem. I've not met anyone with this severe level of pain that has hypermobility, and I'm so tired of having so many questions. Thanks
mae527 responded:
Forgot to mention, I take diclofenac 50 mg (voltaren) 2x/day and cyclobenzaprene 10 mg (flexeril) 2-3x/day as well as 6000 mg fish oil daily and 1260 mg calcium citrate daily. I use a tens unit and lidocaine patches as needed to help control pain.
ripro; responded:
Hi, also have chronic pain. Have always been flexible (now 55). About 10 years ago was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome followed by fibromyalgia. I went to 4 different doctors in hope of a different diagnosis! But all said the same thing. Fibromyalgia seems to be somewhat of a mystery at least as far as I've read. Different thoughts on why, what and how it's brought on. For me I know I can at least limit the pain sometimes by diet exercise and rest. I have tried the gambit of medications but have (after years of combinations) stayed with gabapentin, pristiq, and ambien at night, budeprion in the am. Two of these are antidepressants that somehow help. I've never had a lot of depression except with bouts of extreme pain. I also take ultracet as needed for pain. Lately I've been able to not take that. I really would caution against taking ambien as it makes me get up and cook and eat things at night that I have no memory of doing until I see the mess in the kitchen the next morning. I have also gained about 25 lbs! Dont know if this helps, good luck with your treatments and take good care of yourself, it will payoff in the future! PK
voodoochild29 responded:
have alot of arm and shoulder pain,right side mostly.i've found that wearing a sling really helps my pain,but is this going to hurt me in the long run?I've been told i have shoulder tendinitis,but alot of the things like ice,Ibuprofen,just dont help too much.
annette030 responded:
One should never wear a sling unless the doctor tells you to wear it and you are shown how to fit it correctly. You can end up with elbow problems from wearing a sling, the joint can lock up and it can cause damage in the joint. If the hand is not supported correctly you can end up with damage to the wrist.

Discuss this with your doctor and ask him if it is a good idea for you, and how to fit it properly, how long to wear it at one time, etc.

Take care, Annette
voodoochild29 responded:
hey thanks for the info,i have ditched the sling and my arm does feel alot better for it. I'm now just using an arm/elbow brace as needed,which allows for much more mobility and less discomfort.james

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