Caprice - Still unable to reply
orangetabby posted:
Caprice! Hi!

I think that my responses are not there at all. Once or twice I've been able to respond to a post. Mostly, the page just scrolls back to the top of the IE page. There IS no link that says show your reply. It is just the same old page over and over and over, etc. again. When I scroll down, it has the opened reply box still sitting there and the Cancel and Submit buttons there along witht the boxes underneath for checking whether or not yhou want to post annonymously or to add to a watchlist.

I've been sidlined except for posting a new post. That one works.

I do agree that how things are threaded IS confusing. But I cannot even add to a thread. I can post an original, however, but I hate to start new threads when all I wanted was to add something or other.

orange and some ((hugs)) back at you!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Orange,

And this happens when you click on the Submit button, not the Cancel button that's right next to it?

Since responding here is so difficult for you, try writing in to with this issue. Be sure to say your screen name and provide a link to your posting profile here.

And when you write in with the details of the problem, include your system info as they could be the issue as well. (Computer system, browser and version of browser, etc.)

Sorry this is such a problem for you. Others have reported problems responding but those are affecting everyone for a brief time while a particular exchange is being worked on. This appears to only be impacting you here so if it continues, please write to us.

But, and I"m sorry to say this, please be patient for a response. I used to keep up with that mail every day but it's starting to pile up now, try as I/we might.

(((hugstoyoutoo))) I want to get you back posting as usual.