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butt crack
An_223094 posted:
Ok so i have this sharp uncomfortable pain on the top of my butt crack. There is no visible swelling and no lumps or by bumps. Also it doesnt hurt when I have to use the bathroom. The pain is the worse when im sitting down and the pain is unbearable and is keeping me awake.
corlaw responded:
my 16 year old had that just recently it was a bulging L4-S1 disk better get to the doctor.
greg8846 responded:
Hey Anon:
Pain in your butt can be quite painful as Corlaw has said, i would tell you also get to your pcp.The pain your having can be Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction can happen here. The pain can be very severe. The s1 joints are two in number they connect the sacrum to each side of the pelvis or ilium if you want to put it in medical terms.The third joint of the pelvic girdle is called the pubic symphysis. This can cause severe deep muscle pain and nerve pain in the whole gluteal muscle. The other thing it can be is the coccyx has suffered some type of slight injury doesn'y have to be very bad, you may not even remember hurting yourself. This is known as a true buttache. Its not fun it hurts. The nerve and disc pain can be very hurtfull, i hope this has helped some. Please keep us posted i think its great you here. Have a great day PLEASE. I gonna try. Bye for now Anon.

Greg Armstrong
BrenBren30813 replied to greg8846's response:
I have the pain Greg describes. Start with your primary, then go from there. Don't wait. Your sacrum is a very difficult area to treat and care for. Get a diagnosis before anyone tries to push a steroid injection on you.

Good luck, and keep us posted. Maybe your findings will shed some light on my issues. No doubt, it's a pain in the ass! =) B
greg8846 replied to BrenBren30813's response:
Hey Bren:

This can cause a very large amount of pain, with not much relief.

kimba2222 responded:
Hello Anon,
You said your pain is at the top of your butt crack, mine is at the very bottom, like when I sit down since my coccyx is fractured and healed improperly. Had a very bad slip & fall in 1996 and didn't realize it until many years later the damage it had caused my back.
I would definately suggest you see a Dr. as soon as you can instead of waiting (like I did). It was very foolish of me and I am paying the price.
Take care and good luck, hopefully it is nothing too serious, but please keep us updated.

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