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knee pain while sleeping
kingedgars posted:
When I sleep on my left side, my right knee aches and might continue to ache for an hour or two after I wake up. When I sleep on my right side, my left knee is similar but not as bad. I don't have any diagnosed knee problems. I'm 43, overweight about 40 pounds and don't exercise regularly. I was a jock until my early 20s but didn't have any specific knee injuries. Any thoughts on the relationship between side-sleeping and knee pain?
freedom1960 responded:
See a doctor. That's all the advice I can give you. Maybe an X-ray or an MRI,CT,or some other test can show something if it bothers you that much. How long has this been going on? If it doesn't go away soon, see a doctor about it. Rick
_swank_ responded:
When you sleep on your side there are muscles, tendons, etc. that can pull on your knee. Sometimes it's the iliotibial band. A doctor can refer you to a physical therapist that can show you how to stretch such things. Pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong so getting a diagnosis would be a good idea.
PattiRose1958 responded:
I have OA (not RA as I stated in a previous post) the pain will sometimes wake me up at night. To complicate things, after having that knee scoped to fix a torn menesus, I have developed a Bakers Cyst. That I wouldn't wish on anyone. It sent me to the hospital twice with the drs thinking I had a dvt. But in any left knee will wake me up a couple times a week. Patti

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