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When I ran out of Fioricet w/Codeine, My pulse rate went thru the roof!!
An_223098 posted:
The other day i went to my allergist to get a steriod shot for symptoms. They took my BP. My results were 140/98 with a Pulse Rate of 109! They took it 3 times! It never went down in 20 minutes. Anyway, from another doctor, I have been getting Fioricet w/Codeine capsules 90 per month, at 3 per day. (I have frequent migranes). I ran out of my medication, when he went out of the Country, and I could not get a refill!! Yikes! I could not sleep, and had some withdrawal and terrible headache. Finally, after 3 days without the medication, i was able to get a refill from his partner. Thank goodness.. I took my own blood pressure at home, and now it is 130 over 85..and Pulse Rate 72! My question: Does Fioricet w/Codeine work like a Blood Pressure Medicine in one's body? I have been on it for over 6 years! I guess my body has gotten so used to it. I would really appreciate anyone's comments and help on this particular drug. Thanks so much and peace
greg8846 responded:
Hi Anon:

It is possible that it may have kept your BP and pulse rate down. The Fioricet/Codeine has the following in it 50 mg of Butalbital
325 mg of Aspirin
40 mg of Caffenine
30 mg of Codeine
With all of these compounds together over along period of time qucikly going off of them can cause these problems. We have been talking about withdrawal actions for a while. Over the years i have learned this Anon we all have different bodies no two are ever the same. They as the medical community can only give us a baseline of problems we may or may not have.I maybe worse in withdrawal then you may be or the other way around. Im glad you got them back, let me tell you the withdrawal period can be much longer than people first thought. I think the stronger the medication and the longer you take it over the years your withdrawal could be serious enough to cause physical harm and death. I know we have all have been at a mis-understanding on the pain exchange board for awhile. I hope your better now and will be okay. Keep me posted .
annette030 responded:
You should relate these effects to the doctor who was originally prescribing this drug to you when he returns home.

Aside from questions about how it affects your blood pressure and pulse, which are now coming down now that you are back on it, this drug can cause rebound headaches if taken too frequently. I would question taking any rescue med more than three days per week. This was a commonly given drug for migraines many years ago, but not so much anymore unless it is taken rather infrequently.

Anyone who gets migraines more than three times a month should be on preventatives along with their rescue meds according to the neurologists and pcps that saw me about my migraines over the years. If you are not on a preventative and/or find yourself taking Fioricet with codeine most days, I would re-evaluate your migraine treatment plan.

Take care, Annette
An_223099 replied to greg8846's response:
Thanks so much Greg! It makes perfect since. But it seems like ever since Michael Jackson's drug overdose, all my doctor's seem sometime hesitant to refill. Othertimes, they go ahead and give it too me. I hope the M.J. thing will wear off soon. I know it is important not to take way too many drugs. But using in moderation, and just when you need one seems to be safe enough, i have found. I have also found that the Butalbital seems to be the biggest thing my body cannot do with out. Any thanks again and take care. I really apreciated it!
An_223100 replied to annette030's response:
Thanks, Annette! I will talk with him, as he returns. However, earlier in the year, just had an MRI. The Orthopaedic Dr. found there wer bone spures in my neck. As well as Osteo Arthritis (Cervical area). They content that my neck is causing the migraines from years of weight training. Yet, these specialist will not medicate me. This is really strange to me! They told me to go back to my primary Dr. You see, my Ins. co, will not pay for the therapy at the Spine place. So this is where I am. But, thanks again, so much for your valued inf.
Best regards & Take care too!
annette030 replied to An_223100's response:
I am not sure what kind of treatment the spine place suggested. I too had all kind of spurs, arthritis, and DDD in my neck region. I had one herniated disc removed in 1992, and had a second one herniate after I was rear ended at a stop sign. I let the second one heal on its own and it did after about 18 months. There was no difference in my migraines with the surgery, I would not recommend surgery to anyone as a fix for migraines. I think medicines are the best bet in most cases.

My pcp has pretty much always managed my migraine meds. I saw a couple of neurologists over the years, but just as a consult, not for regular treatment.

The best medicine for migraines is not anything that has opiates or barbiturates in it. Those are older drugs that were used back when we did not know anything about migraines. They basically put the patient to sleep so you could sleep off the headache. There are meds now that we can take that do not include sedation, so we can continue to function on them.

The treatment for migraines has come a long, long way since I first had one at age 35. I am 59 now.

Take care, Annette
greg8846 replied to An_223099's response:
Hi Anon:

Your very welcome let me know how you feel, i know its crappy when you feel that bad. You take good care okay im always on the board some where, if you need help and can't find me you can use my email that way i could respond quicker to help you. You have a great week end, what little is left of it.

Greg Armstrong
BrenBren30813 replied to An_223099's response:
yup! the fricking king of pop is to blame for a slight disruption in my most current doctor's office visit - well, him and Heath, sorry folks, I don't have that unlimited drug supply those wealthy/talented boys did....argh!

I have never tried that but I hear from other pain sufferers that it is their lifeline. Me, I just down a few Monsters, take my pain meds, and maybe a claritin...I find it is the perfect cocktail to keep me active and not complaining too bad.

take care, B
An_223101 replied to BrenBren30813's response:
Yeah..that is so true, what Michael Jackson and the like have my doctor will not refill my last Fioricet/ Cod. He referred my to a Pain Mgmt Dr, where I thought he would pick up with medicine treatment. But, oh no, he will not write scripts for pills..He will only give me cortisone shots.. However, My insurance will not cover the cost..$1,700 per procedure..I can't do that! Is there not just a Pain Doctor out there who is not afraid of writing scripts? Any suggestions would be helpful.

cybil53 replied to annette030's response:

I am also on Fiorinal #3 which I normally take 4 times a day for breakthrough pain which I have been on for 20 years on and off. I originally was taking it for my migraines that would put me in the hospital for weeks at a time. I have been on every kind of pain med available for migraines and nothing worked, Fiorinal was like a magic pill for me it is the only thing that worked. Since I started taking 4 a day I have not been in the hospital, my neurologist put me on this regiment. My neuro put me on 4 a day after I was diagnosed with fibro, DDD, Interstitual Cystitis, severe Arthritis, and a few other problems.

I also am on Fentanyl Patch, so I use this for breakthrough pain. I also went to a pain management dr. for a second opinion and that doctor told me for all my pain issues I was on the appropriate meds. She told me Fiorinal #3 was just as good as any other opiate for breakthrough pain. If it works for me and she didn't want to change anything right now.

I take it when I need it and the combination of meds I am on 16 total have been a life saver for me. I am happy to say I haven't been in the hospital for pain issues in 4 years. I just had surgery thursday and along with all the heavy meds they gave me they also had me take my fiorinal because that is what helps me.

I do understand Annette about rebound headaches, I also went to a headache clinic. I just know this has helped me when nothing else worked. It is in my chart not to try imitrex, maxalt and that kind of drugs because of what they did to me when I take them. I also have High blood pressure and a heart mumur from rhuematic fever.

Just thought I would share what works for me and my doctors are very supportive. I am finally on the right meds for me to get through the days. It has been a lot of trial and error but we have found the right combo for me.

Have a great weekend!

greg8846 replied to cybil53's response:
Hi Cybil;
I don't want to but in here but Fiorinal with Codeine Phosphate is a good drug and a lot of folks have had great
luck with it ability to give good pain relief whether used as
a break through medication or a regular line of defense for
headaches as well as other problems. i thought i would give
you a chemical background if you don't mind. This may help you understand even better why this drug works so well.

Butalbital 50 mg
Aspirin 325 mg
Caffeine 40 mg
Codeine Phosphate 30 mg
Those are the chemical combination that in this drug. Some folks use to complain of a jittery feeling if they drank coffee with this medication because of the Caffeine and the Butalbital. But none the less this is one of my favorite drugs. Its not to strong and its not to weak.

Also Cybil i don't put a lot of faith in the rebound headache thing either, i think that we all react in a very different way to
any medications that we take. Well thanks for posting and please hang around if you would please. Good luck and have a great weekend.

Greg Armstrong
annette030 replied to cybil53's response:
I am glad that your current regimen is keeping you out of the ER and that you are doing well.

Everyone has their own issues and health problems, using the med like you are for BT pain while on fentanyl patches is far different from someone who is not on all those other meds and using them as needed for migraines.

Even people with just migraines may try all the other meds and find that fioricet with codeine works best for them. I meant to say they are no longer the first line medicine for migraines, if I did not make that clear I apologize.

Everyone should discuss their care with their doctor and do research on their own, and make their own decision about their care.

I finally found the right combination both for my migraines and for my other chronic pain also. I have not been in the ER as a patient for early 15 years. I am sure you hated as much as I did the path to finding the right combination of meds. I am glad we are both at the end of that road.

Take care, Annette
Lawdog52 responded:
coming off of your medication and the resulting pain could explain your elevated blood pressure. I have found Imitrex or the generic (Sumatriptan Succinate) really works for me for my migranes.

I hope this helps.

greg8846 replied to greg8846's response:
Hey Cybil;
Well im sure glad that what you take is working well and i hope you will hang around on the board for awhile
its nice having you here. Well take care.

Greg Armstrong
greg8846 responded:
Hi Anon 1352;
Well its been about two months since you posted your thread i was just wondering how your dong. Well if you
checked this thread again please do let me know how your getting along.


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