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Xiphoid Process Pain
shadowflames02 posted:
I wondered if anyone would know why the area of my Xiphoid Process hurts. It hurts when I do pushups, situps, jumping jacks, stretch in the morning, etc. I am going to my regular doctor for the second time.
The first time he referred me to a sports medicine doctor and they refused to see me because they don't deal with this????
It hurts severly when you press on that spot that is the size of a 50 cent piece. I had a chest xray done with nothing showing. I heard that an MRI will show more but not sure if the doctor will recommend that or if I should straight up ask for it. This is really worrying me because it is interfering dramatically with my exercise program and life in general. Any ideas would be helpful.
annette030 responded:
I don't know that you need an MRI. I would perhaps see an orthopedic surgeon if my pcp could not figure it out.

Have you tried avoiding the exercise for awhile, or using ice or heat or anti-inflammatories? What did your doctor suggest you do while you wait to see a specialist? Did he give you even a tentative diagnosis?

Take care, Annette

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