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vaginal pain
An_223190 posted:
have been having pain in the left side of my vagina wall the bone area what could be causing this
BrenBren30813 responded:
Hey there Anon. You will have to be more specific because the femal pelvis has sooo many intracacies that your statement is very difficult to interperate. What type of pain is it (stabbing, throbbing, burning,etc)?
Does it hurt after intercourse? From sitting? Does sitting on the toilet reliev the pain? Your pelvic floor muscles could just be really tight. Or you could have fibroids? Or you could have the mid-cycle pain with ovulation....etc. Could you be more specific and maybe someone could help you? In the meantime, you should make an appt. with your doc at the least, if not your OBGYN if it is pain that has lasted more than several days. Good luck, and welcome to our pain management exchange, B
greg8846 responded:
Hey Anon:
Outside of the pain are you having any discharge or tenderness any where else right now. I will tell you something
you should try to get into see you OB/GYN or your Family
Doctor and have things checked. You did not happen to fall
or have any type of blunt injury that you may have forgotten about. Anything would be helpful, but please see your doctor
plus none of us are there with you and its hard do answer your
question because your question does not say much if there
was a injury or any other problem. That's like trying to drive with a blinders over your eyes.Well good luck and please get
checked. In fact if one of the doctors were here he or she would advise to see a doctor. Good luck.

Greg Armstrong

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