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    Chronic pain
    Michael66049 posted:
    I've had chronic back (and front) pain since about 1995, six years after my initial spinal cord injury, which at first gave me only limited mobility; no pain at all. Most of the pain is due to "degenerative disk disease," which caused the original injury when I was moving something heavy and a disk slipped and dented my spinal cord--too slowly at first even to be noticeable. By the time I got to my doctor, much damage had been done. But surgery and lots of physical therapy got me going again, walking with a cane for several years. Now, 15 years of pain have caused immobility, leading to muscle weakness, a vicious circle. In addition, the onset of seizure disorder (probably unrelated to pain, but who knows?) in the late 90's forced me to retire from my college teaching career 7 years early. I'm 67 now. Good luck to you young people out there, and don't wait--take my advice and keep after your doctors for cures, pain control, amelioration of symptoms, and any other help they can give you.
    transcriber52 responded:
    Michael66049 Degenerative disc disease causes so many debilitating problems for so many of us here. You offer good advice to go to the Drs for any help they can give. That is about all we have left, treating the pain and the symptoms. Many of us have no hope for cures. I like you have had to leave my job on disability and that is not an easy road to take. You have my prayers. Welcome to our pain board and please come back and let us know how you are.
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hello, Michael.

    I fully agree with and understand your message. Click on my avatar picture or user name to read my whole story. I have multiple degenerative spinal conditions that have caused moderate to severe chronic pain for over 30 years. I believe much of this is caused by my hyperkyphosis - excessive out ward curvature of the thoracic (middle) section of my spine. When I was growing up the doctors said I had poor posture and needed to sit and stand straighter. I tried but just could not do it for long, and it became worse as I aged. My parents did not pursue any further testing or treatment plan. I think if they had I could have had surgery to straighten that section and it may have caused fewer problems. Two years ago I became unable to work and was approved for SSD within 2 months.

    I agree that everyone should be persistent with seeking treatment and management for pain management. Keep doing the research, seeking the treatments that work, and keep as active as possible for as long as possible.

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Blessings, -Dave
    greg8846 responded:
    Hey Michael;
    With any damage to the spinal cord at all can lead to partial paralysis and and seizure disorders on down the
    road. In fact its hard to say what other problems it may have
    caused you. Did they do any type of repair to the spinal column not the cord but the bony structure itself. The same with the muscle weakness this can be from the nerves that were damaged and over the years it is starting to break down.
    See if the medical community knew everything about the spinal cord they could have told you later in life what you would be dealing with. Did you ever have a nerve conduction study done. A (EMG) this can show problems that you maybe having with nerve damage or possible nerve impingement. And your very right when you talk about a very vicious cycle that is exactly what it is. I'm just glad you were able for that many years to get around that long. Well good luck to you sir if there is anything that i can ever do for you please let me know.
    Greg Armstrong

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