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madamblueberry posted:
Last August I was lifting some boxes at work (which I had labeled with contents) so I knew approximate weight. I was unaware someone had added 500 envelopes and a box of folders. When picking up the box my right shoulder dislocated. I was seen by the company doctor and ER physician and was given a sling, pain medications and appointment with a specialist. Two weeks later it dislocated again this time it would not go back in place. I was in a sling for four months and finally had surgery to stabilize the shoulder in December 2009. Since then I have had intense chronic pain that radiates to the outer elbow where the triceps muscle attaches and into my hand. MRI showed lots of edema but the surgical pins and shoulder are in place. I cannot reach above my head, reach behind my back and reaching across in front of my body causes intense gripping pain. I had two Cortisone injections and a repeat MRI which again showed lots of edema. Pain medication has little effect, I use a TENS unit to help block the pain. I still have no answer as to why the pain is so intense and debilitating. I would appreciate any input. I am not a whiner, I lived through terrible back pain and would have to say this is equally life altering. I have insomnia related to the pain. When I do sleep, the wrong move wakes me up and due to increased pain can not go back to sleep. I am down to 3-5 hours a night. If you have ever had shoulder pain that sounds like this, please tell me what you did not get relief. I hurt so bad at times I would rather just cut it off. My physician is at a loss and is planning to send me to a pain management physician
gailb54 responded:
Hi madamblueberry,

I would get to a pain management physician as soon as you can and see what they say. I have no idea what it is but hopefully a good pain doctor can help you find out. If the pain doctor you go see doesn't know what it is or what to do, then I would seek another opinion. You are going to have to be a strong advocate for yourself in getting better. I think it's a great step that you took coming here, but I don't know if anyone will have an idea what it is and we can't dianose you. Please do come back, though, because weekends can be slow and someone might have a suggestion for you.

I know what it's like to have surgery and come out worse and in severe pain. I had surgery 3 1/2 years ago on my foot and that happened to me. I have RSD, also known as CRPS. I can't say by what you've written that you have it, but google it and read about it in case you have symptoms you didn't listen here. I'm really not suggesting you have it but think it's worth looking at for a few minutes.

I hope you can find the doctor and diagnosis that will help you get over this chronic pain or at least a lot better. If you find out that you can't, then keep coming here to see how others cope with their pain and for the encouragement of being with others who understand what it's like. I hope you find relief with a Pain Management doctor.

Take care,
_swank_ replied to gailb54's response:
If it were me, I'd go to another orthopedic surgeon that specializes in shoulders to find the cause of pain. Pain management doctors manage pain, they don't usually spend a lot of time diagnosing. There are a lot of things that can happen in a shoulder that cause pain. It might require more surgery to fix. I think it's too early to give up on finding the cause.

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