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Any New Pain Medications?
Anglikat posted:
I am a Chronic Intractable Pain Patient, (i.e., R. Arthritis/Lupus, Scoliosis, etc.), & a stroke survivor. Currently I am taking the following meds for the pain: Diluadid H-P (IM injections), Duragesic/Fentynal - patches, I have tried most of the other pain medications in the past. Finally I got some good relief when I went to a great pain specialist who was knowledgeable. The combo of these two meds have helped me for many years now, but I feel like a pain cusion, due to the IM injections. Yes, I have had a picc line (in arm) and a cad pump (in chest). I would like to know what has worked for others with joint/spinal pain? I was bed ridden prior to finding a good pain doctor who gave a damn! I had to go through many docs to find one that cared enough to take a complicated case like mine. I would love any suggestions...! Thanks for listening!
annette030 responded:
I am really anti-injection for chronic pain. The complications of the injections over time makes them really iffy. The absorption rate varies as the muscle is used over and over again. You develop lumps and scar tissue, sometimes abscesses.

If you are really concerned with the quickness of absorption, I would ask your doctor if he will let you try the fentanyl lollypops, or fentanyl lozenges that you put in your cheek next to your gums. They are absorbed quickly, probably more quickly than the injections are.

Personally, I would rather stick to oral pills for pain, but that is my personal preferance.

What else do you do for pain control besides medicines?

Take care, Annette

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