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    oxycontin op
    sharun posted:
    Well, I am new on here but I was wondering how everyone on the oxycontin like the new oxycontin op's? I myself don't like them to much they don't seem to be as strong and take longer to take affect among other things...Let me know . Sharun
    _swank_ responded:
    What is Oxycontin OP? Never heard of it.
    CTBeth replied to _swank_'s response:
    The new Oxycontin OP is made to prevent abuse, it is still time released, like the original, however, even if crushed to try to take it improperly, it retains its time released function.
    _swank_ replied to CTBeth's response:
    That's good to know. I'm glad they've figured out a way to make it more tamper proof instead of just banning it altogether which is what some people want.
    bren_bren replied to _swank_'s response:
    I agree with swank. It is definitely a better option than banning it, but doctors will probably jump all over it - and what if the difference does mess with the med's efficacy in regards to pain relief?
    _swank_ replied to bren_bren's response:
    I would like to think if our doctors know us well enough they will stick to what is working rather than jump on something new. Personally, I haven't found Oxycontin to be all that useful anyway. I told my doctor to stop giving it to me and just stick to Roxicodone.
    annette030 replied to CTBeth's response:
    Beth, et al,

    I am a bit cynical. The makers of Oxycontin have been discussing this for many years. Other drugs are and have been available in tamper proof forms, or with additives to prevent abuse. At least one that I am aware of was available prior to Oxycontin ever being made.

    I cynically suspect that the makers of Oxycontin waited carefully until their patents on Oxycontin were just about up or just elapsed and then offered this new formulation so they could apply for a new patent and get many more years of exclusive rights. Just my opinion, lol.

    I do agree though, that regardless of motivation, a tamper proof formula is a good and safe way to manufacture drugs of abuse.


    I don't know that it will make any difference in its ability to control pain, that is not the point, the point is to prevent abuse. One of course, hopes it works at the same level at least.


    The good doctors do know their patients well enough to prescribe what they need. However, many doctors get their drug info on new drugs from sales reps because they don't have time to do all the research they should, these doctors often prescribe based on what the sales reps say, either due to laziness or naivete. This is why we all have to do our own research on drugs, especially new ones.

    Take care everyone, Annette
    karmarhon replied to annette030's response:
    I cannot agree more.....

    Thank You
    sharun replied to karmarhon's response:
    To the pain management community, I have been on the oxycontin for a while now and it used to stop my pain completely now it don't, I take it and I am still hurting should I go up to the next mg or maybe change my medication? I am assuming to go up to the next mg but not real sure.. At first I wasn't to sure about the new oxycontin or op's now because this was the first month I had gotten them and I am glad they made them where they can't abused. If everyone would take their medication as the doctor order's it wouldn't make it so hard for the people that need medication to get through the day. I sure do get mad because I have to take medication just to try and make it through the day painfree. : (
    annette030 replied to sharun's response:
    I would discuss this with your doctor just as you did here. Let him know how things are going. It may be the meds or it may be that your pain is just worse and coincidentally happened at the same time you changed meds. Who knows, the important thing is that you need better pain control. You were lucky that you were pain free for awhile, most of us never reach that state once we develop chronic pain.

    Take care, Annette
    4freedom responded:
    I am knew to posting here but I did post a review on the oxycontin pill yesterday, I read here alot but these are my first postings.

    I had no idea there was going to be a change for sure. The last I had heard was they were going to make it only possible for certain Dr.'s to be able to prescribe the Oxycontin medication.
    I found out upon opening my PX last Thursday evening. I figured ok maybe they just changed the coating. I took mine as normal over the wkend. I got about 1/2 the relief I was getting from the original OC., and I can barely stay awake. I just started on them a yr ago, and finally after a good 8 yrs felt human again. The original pills gave me my life back.

    I thought it might be just me so I called my pharmacist and asked if they were having complaints or it was just me. He assured me that complaints are coming in. Same as mine, slow to work, not working well, making very drowsy. And he told me that they had been reformulated to not break down, they will turn to glue... So now the people that don't need the drug and abusived it have ruined it for those of us that honestly need it..

    He did give me the name of a drug that he is recommending to try in it's place. If anyone is interested. It is called "OPANA". please let me know if any of you have tried this already.

    I feel so bad having to start over trying to stay in front of this chronic pain all over again. I will be contacting the FDA, and he gave me the # for PURDUE to make a complaint also...if any of you can and need the help from the original OC and not the OP please do what you can to try to get it back, or find it's sister px.

    thanks !!
    bren_bren replied to 4freedom's response:
    Hey 4Freedom,

    I would like to know exactly which pill you were taking before: shape/color/brand/mg. You said "oxycontin" and that it was time-released. Is this also going to go into effect with the short acting oxycodone - like "roxicodone"? If you know, please share. I plan to avoid the "new" med's that you speak of...but a word of insight: any medication is going to take some getting used to. You may find that the longer you take it, the grogginess will go away; that's in my experience. And maybe as you get the levels right in your system, maybe it will offer better pain control??
    1967kittykat replied to 4freedom's response:
    I just recently started on Opana and it works better than the OC or MS Contin, which I have been on both for extended periods of time. It is oxymorphone so it contains both OC & MS Contin and the relief I have gotten from Opana now lasts me all day and night. Good luck
    4freedom replied to bren_bren's response:
    I am pretty much maxed at my level on the oxy. I take 60mg OC,red/ with Hydrocodone for breakthru... I am now recieving same strength but the pill is brownish with OP/60.

    I talked with Purdue today and they took all my info and recorded it as far as the pills, what it says and color and amounts taken, and difference in the way I feeling it working. Also took my Pharmacy info as to get lot #'s. The phone # if anyone would like to call, as it possibly may help is 1-888-726-7535

    Then they wanted me to talk with there Pharmacist and she was not giving me alot of answers. I did get her to tell me that the new pills have the same active ingrediants but different inactive ingrediants. And she recommended I see my DR.

    I am going to have to go back to pain clinic and try to get a another combo of pain relief. I just don't think I can hold out, my pain is back with a vengence... I was curious myself if all of the strengths were changed, I'm not positive but it looks from the brochure that came with my last PX that all of them are.

    I had noticed that you take Roxicdone, I was just getting ready to look it up. I didn't know it was one of the lower doses.
    4freedom replied to 1967kittykat's response:
    I am glad to hear good about the Opana. I don't know anything about the MS Contin either.

    How long has it been since you made the switch to Opana ? I had not heard of it before my Pharmacist recommened it. I have not read much about doses or anything. I figured pain clinic would go thru all of that.

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