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petal2010 posted:
I took Methadone for several years!! I have Fibromyalgia/CF and at the time I was diagnosed it was not a lot known about FM/CF. The doctor prescribed Methodone for the pain I was having. About a year ago I started researching all I could find about the pain killer. I realized that I needed to stop taking Methadone. I started tappering off in the month of November 2009 and was completely off of Methodone by March 2010. I do not have any desire to start taking it again. Methadone causes dry mouth. (the dry mouth does not leave enough of our saliva to continuely clean the teeth) Because of that I have lost at least four teeth and it didn't stop there. At least four of my upper teeth had bad cavities and when the dentist went to fill them, I lost a portion of each tooth and the dentist had to make me a tooth with what was left. I always went to the dentist every six months. It wasn't that I never went to the dentist. I now need at least four or five crowns and I cannot afford them. The dentist told me that I could be eating and break the tooth off unless I got the crowns!! What do I do? God only knows! Moving on: I started having small round spots break out on my legs and before they went away, they would turn scaly white in the middle. After they left, the spots would leave a bruise-looking-scar. My husband told me that I had major problems remembering, could not tally the checkbook without making a mistake and never went anywhere unless I had an appointment. I didn't want to be around other people nor did I want other people around me. I had other problems that I don't even remember as my teeth were the most shocking. You may never have any of the problems I had but you will have the dry mouth problem. Six months have past and the spots on my legs are slowly disappering. It takes quite a while for Methadone to leave your body.

I do not like the pain reliever that I am taking now and I am doing
research to find something else. I do not want a narcotic pain reliever. I now am taking Tramadol which also causes the dry mouth as will most pain relievers, however, it is not as bad as Methadone. I now use a Biotene' Toothpaste and Mouthwash for dry mouth, which is very helpful.

I hope I have not offended anyone. I just want everyone to know the outcome of using Methadone!

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annette030 responded:
I have had no side effects from the methadone I take for FMS pain, if anything I am much more active now than I was before I started taking it. I find it a very useful medication. I switched from another opiate to methadone almost a year ago to save money. I requested the change and my doctor went along with it.

My husband also took it for about a year or so without any problems. Then he had his hip fixed and tapered off of it in a month or two without any withdrawal effects at all.

I think in your poll you should include a place for "no problems", all you include are negative comments.

Take care, Annette
rjbeck77 responded:
On methadone for 4plus yrs.I have a problem with severe heartburn (GERD)- dry skin/scalp...but besides these complaints the medication does work very well for me.
I have avascular necrosis requiring both hip replacements and both shoulder replacements at 40 yrs old.

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