GeraldTodd posted:
I'm a 65 yr. old male diagnosed with Demylinating Neuropathy approximately 15 yrs. ago. I'm currently taking 600 mg. of Lyrica and 120 mg. of Cymbalta.

I have severe raw burning pain starting from my mid-buttochs down the back of both legs to the bend of my knees. The doctor was hopeful that the Lyrica would give me some relief. To date, I haven't gotten any relief.

I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions/information anyone can offer.

Thank you,

annette030 responded:
I had similar pain, from FMS though, like a really bad sunburn to the backs of my thighs and knees. My doc gave me neurontin along with my opiates. That seemed to work fairly well.

I think I also recall using Lidoderm patches which also helped me through the worst of it.

Lyrica is a second generation drug, very similar to neurontin. It really didn't help me much, so I went back to neurontin.

Take care, Annette
GeraldTodd replied to annette030's response:
hi annette. sorry, it took me so long to get back to you. i forgot all about posting my question.

this past march i got a spinal cord stimulator implanted, which resulted in me being 100% painfree. modern medicine sometimes produces miracles.

by the way, i also tried the lidoderm patches. but, they didn't help at all.

i hope you're feeling well. thank you so much for taking the time to offer your suggestions.

Take care,

annette030 replied to GeraldTodd's response:
I am happy to hear that the SCS is working so well for you. Once someone is painfree, I can sure understand that they are not bothering to read and post here anymore. Life is too busy, lol.

Take care, Annette
CTBeth replied to GeraldTodd's response:
Hi Jerry,

I have a scs, too.
While it does not give me 100% relief, it has been a miracle in my life.

I have read posts whereby others have tried scs with unacceptable relief.

I'm pleased when I hear of another person who scs has helped.

I'd be lost without my neuro-modulation unit.

Which brand do you have? I have a St Jude Genesis.
Love it <3

GeraldTodd replied to CTBeth's response:
Hi Bet.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have a Medtronic's scs.

I am happy for you that your scs has been a miracle. I too consider mine a miracle. We're very fortunate to have been able to experience this type of miracle in our lifetime. I only wish it would be successful for everybody.

Take care and continue feeling better.