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Hand Pain over a month after an IV??
An_223467 posted:

I was in the hospital and had an IV at the end of Sept. Ever since I've had pain in that hand near where the IV was. The pain is localized by the wrist where it meets my hand, but also goes up towards my thumb and down the wrist towards the elbow. I don't remember any severe pain when the IV was inserted or removed, but it's the only reason I can think of for this pain. I did have the IV for several days and it had to be flushed with saline daily.

Could this be nerve damage? How long might this last and what do I do about it to get rid of it? Is this something that the doctor can do a test to confirm?

annette030 responded:
There is no way to tell without a doctor examining you what may have caused this pain.

If you had no pain with the insertion, flushing, or removal of the IV catheter, I would be hard pressed to blame it on that. It could just be coincidental.

Take care, Annette
cilla1115 responded:
Hi An,

I did have that also. Doctor pionted out that my hand as a little swollen and needed to be kept in hot water 2x a day 30 mins each to soak and get the blood flowing agian out of the hand. As long as the excess fluid from the bruse is still there, its still gonna hurt. My recommendation also is to use a heating pad on your hands, it will help out! I should know, I am a horrible stick! Also try to cut out soduim (salts) from your diet for a while so your body doesn't retain so much fluid elsewhere causing pain too!

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