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Cymbalta for Pain relief
chris922 posted:
I was put on cymbalta for almost a year. I had been on Paxil for 10 years for panic dissorder. Due to my physical condition, my primary physician at the time felt it would work better and give me some possible pain relief as a side effect. It didn't work for controlling anxiety and I had to go back on Paxil. Family members said my moods was more short tempered while on it. I didn't notice anything. I can say that I didn't notice any pain relief either. A physiatrist at the time had suggested this medication with Lyrica at the time. I didn't want to be making a double med change so only went on the cymbalta. I am now on Lyrica 400mg per day. This medication has made a difference but it was not effective for long, and I built a tolerance fairly quickly. I am at a dosage that the side effects are not as bad as when you jump to the next level. So I am staying at 400mg even though more would probably be better for pain control. I am given oxcycodone at the minimum dosage of 5/325 with tylenol. I really need at least 10mg for pain relief, but if I take it at that strength it makes me feel like I am itching under my skin. It isn't an allergy, it is a sensation. Any pain med clinic I have been to wants to use injections for pain control, which hasn't worked for me. So I take what they have let me have, and just deal with the pain. Which makes me a not so happy camper most of the time. Stress and lack of sleep really hit me in a negative way also. Just adding my own cymbalta experience, and venting.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Chris and welcome. :-)

I don't think you said for what condition(s) you're receiving pain treatment....? It might help others respond to you.
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pksndk81 responded:
I have been on cymbalta for a year now for treatment of fibromyalgia pain and anxiety and depression which I was told is caused because of the pain I get. I also take tramadol/ultram which is a non narcotic but it acts like one. I controls how your brain reacts to pain. In addition to that I take naproxen as needed. The worst thing about fibro is that stress, anxiety and depression makes the pain worse. I really have no complaints about how this treatment works except I stress over the cost of cymbalta. It is very expensive and I may as well not have insurance cuz my deductible is $6,000. Yeah, I know. Crazy huh.But seriously tramadol is a great alternative to any narcotic. It works for me anyway. I have always taken it as prescribed by my doctor but I wonder how long till I build up a tolerance to it and then what. I am just thankful for every moment I feel good and cry when I don't. hang in there.

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