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    Anyone get Radiofrequency Neurotomy
    JenaReneeP posted:
    I had this surgery back in April & all of my side effects still seem a mystery. The Dr gave me Naproxen for the pain plus other meds. the naproxen made things worse so I stopped taking it. I feel as tho I may have a tramatic neuroma from this surgery. Can anyone tell any experiences? I cannot work & I have absolutely no energy. I am only 28 & very depressed b/c i cannot do very much.
    dngrus03busa responded:
    Ive never heard of that surgery, but as far as pain control Naproxen, or Ultram or Ultracet, do not begin to touch severe chronic pain. I do not know what "other meds" means as you didnt state what other meds you were put on, but you most likely need an opiat pain medication, long acting, and one for your breakthrough pain and once that happens you will feel much better when the dosage is adjusted to the correct ammount!
    gailb54 responded:
    Hi~ First of all I'm just sorry that you've been going through this. I do know how rough it is. Yes, I have had some experiences after a surgery that I still struggle with to accept the pain and the loss of things I can do. I'm wondering what kind of surgery you had and what it was suppose to do. I guess you have been diagnosed with a neuroma. Do you have confidence in your doctor? Have you gone for a second opinion? I might do that if I were you if you have any doubts about this next step. The pain management doctor I have now was sort of the "second opinion" when my last doctor said that the only he had left that he could do for me was a spinal cord stimulator.

    I'll tell you briefly about why I'm here. Two years ago I shattered my little toe joint. A few months later I had to have surgery on it. It didn't heal and a few weeks after surgery the pain was much worse... and worse than it should have been. It continued to get worse for months. I was diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) and I also have a neuroma which we've been trying to treat without good results yet. The pain has been unbearable. Because I hurt worse with any amount of walking (limping!) I don't do much of anything and it's been very depressing. I've had 3 lumbar sympathetic blocks, 2 injections of cortisone+? and two 2 injections of phenol at the site of the neuroma. I am suppose to have laser treatment of the nerve leading in to the neuroma next which should hopefully destroy the nerve as it leads into the place where my neuroma is.

    Is a radio frequency neurotomy when they try to destroy the nerve somewhere along the spine that conducts the pain signal? I have read something about it. Have you had any kind of injections- "surgical" injections? I know these decisions can be hard to make, but the pain can push us to try almost anything. Do this carefully. I don't know the risks or percentage of "success" in a neurotomy or any of the things that you have to consider... be careful not to rush and get all pro's and con's that you can find before doing anything. That's what you're doing here and I hope someone has had this and can tell you more about it.

    Have you found much to read about this and about coping with pain? I'm guessing that you don't want to cope with it but get rid of it! I know that feeling well. And, I hope you do! Alot of us here on this board will not get rid of our pain and thus manage it with meds and other things. If you can't take Naproxen, are you taking anything?

    Are you expected to regain a good degree of functioning? I hope you do. (I didn't mean this to be Q&A.) I guess the only other things that I can think of right now are for your support physically and mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as you go through this. Those close to us can rally for a brief time if we have surgery or an injury but as time goes on their help and support might diminish or disappear. So work at maintaining relationships and don't be afraid to seek counseling if that might help you and any other kind of support you think you need (even this board might help you). The lack of energy is likely the depression unless you are on medication that causes it. Speaking of medication, it's possible that a medication for depression would help you and some can also help with the pain. I know you don't feel like doing much of anything, and since you can't work and are discouraged it can be so easy to isolate, but don't! Let people help you. And if you have more questions for those here, don't hesitate to ask. I did and am so glad.

    I wish you all the best in whatever you do next and hope you can find relief. Let us know how you do!

    AlissaJean responded:
    I had a radiofrequency neurotomy at four levels back in March of this year and have been doing well since about April.

    I'm wondering if your doctor explained the risks of the procedure - that sometimes it can make the pain worse (especially if the nerve wasn't completely burned) and that it only works about 50% of the time to relieve 50% of people's pain.

    I will say my pain was worse for about 3 weeks after the procedure but then gradually got better and to a level that my pain medicine was actually helping me.

    I say go back to the doctor who performed the neurotomy or find another doctor for a second opinion. You should not have to live like this!
    fibroarthritic responded:
    Hello, I hope someone can help me with some research sources regarding this question. I have been a fibromyalgic since childhood (am now 61), and also have osteoarthritis. My neurologist thinks a Radio-frequency neurotomy would help the osteoarthritis in L3-4-5. I am quite sure it would for a non-fibromyalgic, but I am concerned about the post-surgical pain would set up another fibromyalgic "path" and would thus trade one pain for the other. Is there any research regarding this procedure for fibromyalgics? Both my neurologist and rheumatologist tell me there is no such research that has been done. My rheumatologist is on a list of good doctors in Seattle for fibromyalgics. I appreciate any help someone can give me so I can make an informed decision regarding this procedure. Thank you.
    An_248301 replied to AlissaJean's response:
    I would like to hear from people who have had radioquency neurotomy for lower back problems, , both successful and unsuccessful
    MPRIPG replied to fibroarthritic's response:
    Hello, I am sorry to hear you are in pain. Have you considered a spinal stimulator? I had a cervical radio frequency ablation procedure for severe cluster headache in 1998 at BI-Deaconess hospital in Boston.Harvard's teaching hospital (First Class care), It was no picnic and physical rehab was required. But it worked and gave me 10 years before things began to happen.
    Today at 47 I suffer from severe right side only peripheral neuropathy. I don't know if it is related to the 1998 procedure, but I have a strong feeling it is related. RF Ablation uses a needle that that protrudes from another needle that heats up the nerve to very high tempeture destroying the nerve and creating lesions. The problem is that adjoining nerves don't die but are injured. As time passes they become very vocal. i don't think that top doctors use the same RF ablation today because of collateral damage to adjoining nerves. It is a procedure that should not be entered into lightly. Get to a top teaching hospital know for neuro-pain. Good luck, hoping you find the right doctor. MP
    cweinbl responded:
    Radio-Frequency Ablation (a.k.a. Rhyzotomy), is based on the belief that if you destroy a spinal nerve root, your pain will stop. This procedure is terribly painful. I tried it many years ago. Not only did the procedure fail, it left me with an increase in pain for life. Then (too late for me) I researched it. The success rate over 12 months is no better than 60%. I wish I had never tried it.
    lexalayne1 replied to cweinbl's response:
    Sorry, I'm new to this and while trying to reply I mistakenly posted a new thread. I've had success with this procedure. It's listed a few entries above yours. Sorry in advance for my insurance wrath, it's just a bit frustrating.

    Title is radio frequency ablation by lexalayne1

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