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avascular necrosis AVN
Laura0711 posted:
I recently found out I have AVN in my right hip due to having to use predisone for asthma. I was wondering if anyone else has this condition and what they have done to treat it. Any information would be welcomed.


_swank_ responded:
The only real cure for AVN is a hip replacement. Sometimes a core decompression will be tried first but I don't know how well they work. AVN doesn't get better, it only gets worse so not having some kind of surgery is not an option.
magsjeanea replied to _swank_'s response:
The head of the femur is not getting any blood to it so it is slowly dying. I had a total hip replacement and it is not as bad as your think. When you wake up you realize that there is only incisional pain and that the horrific pain you have been suffering is totally gone. Don't be scared, you will wish you had done this sooner.
good luck!
Love Goes There Mag's Jeaneau
annette030 responded:
My husband had AVN of his left hip, and he had a total hip replacement a couple of years ago. The surgery was on a Tues. morning and he came home on Friday morning. He felt 100% better as soon as he woke up from surgery. He was back to work in 8 weeks, no real restrictions, as a heavy truck mechanic.

He had to wait a long while to have his hip replaced due to some other medical issues. He now wishes he had been able to do it sooner.

Best of luck to you.

Take care, Annette
MSGSalinas responded:
I found out I had this about two years ago and so far have been able to survive on a Tylenol Arthritis and Motrin or Aleve combination. Cold weather certainly doesn't help. It seems to be getting worse and may need to go back to the doctor to see if there are any other options before a hip replacement. I am and have always been so active, I can't bear the thought of being off my feet at all. Has anyone else found anything OTC that works?
bionic_hip_man responded:
I had the same condition, too many steroids, in my case it was for a back injury. With the advances in hip replacements, I would not consider core decompression. It was the most painful procedure I've experienced, and it was a failure. I have had a total of 5 replacement surgeries; 2 total and 3 revision surgeries. I was 34 when I had AVN.Good luck.
msgjmt replied to bionic_hip_man's response:
I am 23 years old I am was diagnosed with AVN in Jan2011 had a core decompression in Feb and so far I am doing ok.....just have stiffness and soreness usually everyday, the doctors are saying my bone is looking good ...anyone have any suggestions for the pain I am having?
annette030 replied to msgjmt's response:
I am confused, first you said you are doing okay, just some stiffness and soreness daily, then you asked for suggestions for the pain you are having? What kind of pain do you have, when does it seem to come on and when does it seem to lessen? What can you do with minimal pain and what things is the pain keeping you from doing at all?

Are you on any medicines at all?

Take care, Annette
rickewers responded:
I found out I had AVN after a series of 6 ESI's or Epideral Steroid Injections within a year, which ultimately led to a 3 Translumbar Interbody Fusions in October 2012, new pain was developing around Christmas in my groin area, and Bursitis was suspected, but AVN was discovered.

Tp that end, I have had two hip replacements (Left in Feb 2013 and right in Oct 2013, which is 3 major surgeries within a year for a 40 year old helath active male. All indicators and physicians are pointing to Prednisone use during the ESI procedures that were meant to avoid the back surgery,

Naturally, I was in disbelief and this caught me completely off guard because not a word was mentioned about the risk or side effects of these ESI or Prednisone injections until a knee specialist discovered it was AVN in Feb 2013 after my back surgeon suggested it was not related t the back surgery.

Thankful to get to the root cause, but still suffering daily with mobility issues and the surgical report indicated no guarantees were given due to the right side becoming 3x the size of the left from Feb to Oct 2013.

As far as pain, I have been on a very high doses of ineffective medications over the past few years that have resulted in tolernace leaving me to deal with it with NSAIDS and Aleve.
Not sure why the Rx's arent working, but I do know that the last Hip Replacement left me with that leg being 1 inch longer than the left which is hammering down on my right knee.

Recovery is 6-8 weeks typically with PT, hang in there be patient, be strong, have faith, the surgery far outweighs the existence of AVN being untreated, but is a slow process to full recovery. It took a 9 months of a year to see the left Hip discomfort go away from the surgery in Feb 2013.

Imm hoping to find as group in Austin for AVN and get involved in understanding what and why AVN is becoming very common over the past few years, but never spoken of in professional practices that have injected Prednisone into my spine but turn their attention to another topic when asked why..

Good luck - please share experiences so we can understand how to beat this AVN and overcome our obstacles together
sgflatulus responded:
I feel for you. Twelve years ago I began having terrific pain in my left hip. Had an MRI done and discovered I had AVN in BOTH hips. This led to bilateral hip replacement surgery. Fortunately, I was among the first to have ceramic/titanium prosthestics (sp?) emplaced and had both hips done within six months. I've had absolutely no hip problems since then. I'm unable to run but have remained very active physically (primarily distance swimming). Most of my friends are now going through orthopedic problems and many have had hips replaced. The procedure has evolved in a good way since I had mine done. There is no alternative I'm aware of to overcome AVN affecting the hips other than a hip replacement. OTC or prescription drugs aren't effective once the pain starts. Recovery time in my case with 6-8 weeks. After the first surgery I was golfing six weeks later - took some effort and I couldn't go at it fully but it was an objective I set and I made it. I know you post is three years old but I hope you had the surgery and a good outcome.

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