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Morphine Shortage?
CBR1000RR posted:

I have been in and out of this group for years. Been dealing with pain since I was born. Oh well.

To sum it up, DDD, disk buldges, failed lamy surgery, Diverticulitus, peritonitus, a month and a half in coma due to burst colon, colostomy, colostomy removed, hernias repaired and some other stuff. I have been playing this game for years. Even in a coma, I still had halucinations about my pharmacy.

So needless to say, I take some opiates. Big deal right? But lately it has been a big deal. Im getting my script turned away at pharmacy because "were out of stock with a 3 week back order." The other is "we cant afford to keep a stock on hand. Now this wouldn't be an issue IF my doctor didn't wait until I was out. I get my new script on my last dose from my old script. And of course the thing is a triplicate.

Yesterday, I get my script. Drop in on every pharmacy around town just to get turned away. And I live right in the middle of silicon valley. I am sitting here waiting because they could only fill 3 days worth. That will run me out Sunday.

I asked my pharmacist to see if they could phone in some norco or something. I had quit using the short acting meds as I didn't like the "in between feeling"

Are there any others out there feeling the pinch? I have read about a morphine shortage and discontinuation but what are we to do. I know theres better stuff out there but its also 3 times the price.

Is there a morphine shortage, or is this company driven to raise prices even more
annette030 responded:
I use the same pharmacy all the time. I was on long acting morphine for about 10 years without any problems. I switched to methadone a bit over a year ago at my request so I could avoid getting into the donut hole with Medicare Part D. It works fine for me.

I have never had to wait until the last possible day to refill my RX though, that would stress me out big time.

Take care, Annette
Trudy292 responded:
My doctor's office regularly issues my prescriptions for exactly 30 days apart. They do not overlap by even one day. So I have at times been in a bind when my local pharmacy does not have my meds in stock.

One thing you may want to check into is using just one Mom and Pop type local pharmacy. If you do that, after using them a few months, you can call them and tell them what your meds are and when you will be in to fill them and most of the time they will get them in stock for you.

I had to do this with one of my medications every single month because it was an expensive one and they didn't want to keep it in stock, so they just ordered exactly what I needed. Eventually, the pharmacist just wrote the med on the calendar for when I should be in for my refill and would order them a day or two ahead of time.

Those little pharmacies that know you by name when you go in can be really helpful at times!


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