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Spasms in Diaphragm
FirstMate53 posted:
Can someone please help me? I have spasms in my diaphragm and they are so uncomfortable. Is this normal with DDD? It is so scary, I try to straighten my body but being 5'1" there is not a lot of room to move. I also have a lot of spasms at night in my legs but doctors don't seem to worry about it. I would love some input on this. PLEASE HELP.
Magsjeanea responded:
i am sorry but I have never heard of diaphramatic spasms associated with a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease. There are numerous muscles in thorasic and abdominal region that can spasm in the area of your diaphram that are just skeletal muscles but just not actually your diaphram. Google what the function of your diaphram is so you can compare it to your pain. You need to discuss this with your physician and also Google what the muscles look like in your body. This might help you localize the muscles that are causing you pain. There is also muscle pain associated with misalignment of the spine causing alot of different problems. Hope your physician can give you some answers.
Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau
Magsjeanea replied to Magsjeanea's response:
oops, I keep dropping the 'G' from diaphragm. Sorry to consistantly misspell this for everyone reading. Hope you find answers.
Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau

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