Does a pinched nerve show on MRI?
JessicaH777 posted:
Here is the short version. I was in a car accident 11-3-07. I had neck fusion 5-7-08. I had a injection in my shoulder 11-11-08. I have tried physical therapy 2 seperate sets of times both before and after my fusion surgery.

I have had a headache now every since my injection on 11-11-08 in my left shoulder. It has not gone away since then at all. I have had an MRI on my head and it was normal. I think that the headache is coming is coming from the pain in my shoulder and neck. I had an MRI of my shoulder last week and it was fine other than the DR said the muscle was shrinking (possibly from not using it as much).

My question is can you see nerves on an MRI? It was an open MRI without contrast. I am wondering if you would be able to see a pinched nerve?

I have a follow up appointment with my orhopedic dr next week. I hope to find out something to help my shoulder than. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
cweinbl responded:
Yes, nerves visualize on an MRI. However, a myelogram is a better diagnostic tool, particularly if your MRI was without contrast.