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Pain in my left butt cheek??
wikkittklown66 posted:
I started having this pain yesterday and thought it was my hip, as the day went on, the pain spread almost down to my upper thigh on the back of my leg, im unsure what caused it, or if its a nerve or muscle or what? hoping someone can help!!
annette030 responded:
See an MD, get a diagnosis, and come back. Maybe someone here has the same thing and can offer what has helped them.

Take care, Annette
Kelly_30 responded:
Hi wikkittklown66,

It sounds like sciatica, which can be caused by a pinched nerve or nerves. You can try massaging the areas that hurt to see if that helps. I use my knuckles to massage trouble areas. If it persists and doesn't go away with massage or rest within a week or two, I would definitely plan on a visit to see your MD. Sciatica can get worse over time and can completely prevent a person from walking so it is best to get it checked out as Annette said. Hope that helps.

Living one day at a time.
cweinbl responded:
It sounds like sciatica. Even if it is, what would be causing the nerve root compression? It could be a disc herniation, osteophyte, scoliosis, tumor or stenosis. No one here can help you. You need to see an MD (not a chiropractor!). Only a X-Ray, MRI, Cat-scan and examination can reveal the real source of your pain. Just stay away from chiropractors. They are notoriously poor diagnosticians. And diagnosis precedes treatment.
Jayne4694 responded:
wikkittklown, you should give something a try. I was told this by my physical therapist.

Lay on your back and and take the side that hurts and lay that leg over the other leg with the knee bent for a little bit. If it hurts to much they yes you should see your Dr. and see what's going on.

Until you can get to your Dr. you should try to lay flat and use a heating pad to help.

I have had 2 disks removed from my back and was wonderful afterwards. Now I didn't have a fusion, I had a diskectomy. I now have another disk below those 2 disks that is herniated where the disk is protruding and won't work it's way back in. I do need surgery again, but can take the extra 6 weeks off of work right now. I'll have to wait until I can hardly walk.

Good Luck
squartermain responded:
Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatica Pain
This envolves the Sciatica nerve, but it gives the pain mainly in the butt. I am dealing with it now and my doctor just gave me more pain medication...until my visit to my Rheumy in a week or so. Here is a site specific for Piriformis, although I am self diagnosing, so definately check things out and go to your Doctor if you need to. I cannot put weight on my left leg. But I also suffer from PMR, which is inflammation in all area's of the body.
jessicawerth responded:
have sciatica, amongst other issues. recently my back locked up on me and since i have had this unbareable pain through my buttcheek down my leg so severe i can not walk i have a nurse and physical therapist coming to my house. i also have degenerative disc disease crowding of my spine herniated bulging discs etc.i am only 23 at the given time. if it is so bad you can not lay on that side or any side lay on a soft fluffy pillow under your hip. it will reduce the pain and stiffness the next day greatly not to mention help you sleep also hot baths as hot as you can stand. i cand stand in the shower so baths are all i can take. if you havent already DO GET TO A DR ASAP. YOU MAY NEED SPECIALISTS LIKE PAIN DRS ETC. HOPE SOMEONE READS THIS AND IT HELPS.

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